Tanzania Travel Guide

These Tanzania Travel Guide articles offer useful information and inspiration for some of the more interesting activities available on a Tanzania safari.

Climbing Kilimanjaro - Dealing with Altitude Sickness

Climbing Kilimanjaro is an amazing achievement, but don’t let poor preparation and undue haste let you down. Dealing with Altitude Sickness should be a top priority...more

Exploring Tanzania. Where to Go and What to See

Tanzania, is a beautiful, diverse and vast country renowned for its amazing safaris and snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro also offers genuine smiles from some incredible people....more

Kilimanjaro Requirements and Advice

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a challenge, but it is not a technical mountain climb. The best way to prepare physically for the climb is to make regular hikes...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Bull Fighting in Pemba

Bull fighting takes place in a number of small villages such as Chuale and Kangagani or on Kojani Island. The event draws a big crowd which gathers around the pitch. The bulls are paraded around...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Discover the Mufindi Highlands

Take a break from all the action on your Tanzania safari and visit the tranquil Mufindi Highlands. This peaceful retreat in the Southern Highlands provides a much needed respite...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Genesis of Man - Olduvai Gorge

Some of the deeper mysteries of the Serengeti in Tanzania were revealed when the first fossils of early man were discovered in Olduvai Gorge. The world sat up and took notice in the 1960’s...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Living History - Meet the Hadzabe

These traditional hunter-gatherers are unlike any other tribe. The Hadzabe of Tanzania are a remarkable example of living history and probably unique...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Lushoto and the Usambara Mountains

Visit the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania and hike in ancient forests which are ecologically unique. The quaint German style town of Lushoto is the gateway to this beautiful area...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Mafia Island

If you are looking for a truly unspoilt hideaway with spectacular marine activities and beaches, then Mafia Island in Tanzania is the place to go. It’s the real deal...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Mary Leakey - Cigars, Whisky, Dalmatians and Fossils

Mary Leakey has been credited with a range of discoveries that have changed the course of scientific thinking in the field of archaeology and anthropology....more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Mto Wa Mbu Village

Looking for a convenient stopover on the Northern Safari Circuit in Tanzania? Look no further than Mto Wa Mbu Village. You’ll find authentic cultural interaction...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Mwenge Carvers Market

If you are looking for traditional African sculptures and crafts then the Mwenge Carvers Market in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is a great source of Makonde artwork...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - The Traditional Foods of Tanzania

The cuisine of Tanzania makes the most of local foods and traditional ingredients with Indian and Arabic influences that have developed of centuries...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Zanzibar Festival of the Dhow

The Festival of the Dhow Countries in Zanzibar, Tanzania is a celebration of art in many forms, particularly the art of making films. Enjoy cross-cultural displays...more
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