Places in Zeerust

Zeerust is a South African holiday destination, located in the Ngaka Modiri Molema district of the North West Province. Zeerust attractions include Olienhout Park and Ikageleng. See Madikwe Game Reserve safari lodges and tours located close to Zeerust.

Benefits of a Malaria Free Safari Destination

Madikwe Game Reserve provides the ideal Malaria-free safari destination in South Africa. Safe safari destination for pregnant women, children and the elderly traveller...more

Best Time to Visit Madikwe Game Reserve

Many parks around Africa have a high season and a low season for visitors but the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa is one of the best all year round Big Five safari holiday destinations....more

Buffalo Ridge Safari Lodge

The Buffalo Ridge Safari Lodge is situated at a prime site in the west of the Madikwe Game Reserve. Madikwe Game Reserve is one of the few reserves in...more

Bush & Beach Safari - Deluxe Madikwe to Durban Holiday

This Deluxe 8 Day Bush and Beach Package allows you to experience the best of South African safaris and tours, taking you from the wild beauty of Madikwe to the serenity of the KZN North Coast...more

Bush & Beach Safari - Deluxe Madikwe to Durban Holiday

This Deluxe 8 Day Bush and Beach Package allows you to experience the best of South African safaris and tours, taking you from the wild beauty of Madikwe to the serenity of the KZN North Coast...more

Capture a Moment - Fly-in Classic Madikwe Safari

The Classic 3 Day Capture a Moment Package is an intimate South African safari for couples at an exclusive lodge in malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve. It is also an ideal bush escape for the whole family...more

Children on Safari - Deluxe Madikwe Family Safari

This Deluxe safari package for children offers you a wonderful family safari experience, in the malaria-free Madikwe Reserve...more

Discover with your Children - Classic Madikwe Self-drive Family Package

Discover Madikwe with your children on this Classic 3 Day Getaway to the malaria free Madikwe Game Reserve. Great family self-drive safari...more

Etali Safari Lodge

Etali Safari Lodge is situated in the Madikwe Game reserve in the North West Province. This is 75 000 hectares of malaria free bushveld which brings...more

Explore Madikwe - Madikwe Self-drive Adventurer Safari

This 3 Day authentic Explore Madikwe Safari Package is an affordable safari holiday for the adventurous at heart in the beautiful Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa...more

Families with Teenagers - Deluxe Madikwe Fly-in Family Safari

This Deluxe 4 day family safari in Madikwe Nature Reserve offers a fun family safari geared to families with teenagers. Flying to Madikwe from O R Tambo...more

Family Safari Holidays in Malaria-Free Madikwe Game Reserve

Madikwe is home to 27 species of game including Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Rhino Leopard, Cheetah and Wild Dog. A malaria-free safari...more

Get the Personal Touch - Deluxe Madikwe Package

This 4 Day Deluxe Get the Personal Touch Safari Package offers a personalised safari in the exclusive Madikwe Game Reserve. Stay in a luxurious safari lodge and enjoy excellent service and great game viewing...more

Safari - Getting The Most Out Of It

Here are some hints and tips to help you ensure that you get the most out of your South African safari experience. Once you have made the decision to book your safari holiday...more

Getting to Madikwe Game Reserve

Getting to Madikwe. Lying in South Africa's Northwest Province and bordering Botswana the Madikwe Game Reserve is prefect for a safari near Johannesburg....more

History and Purpose of Madikwe Game Reserve

Madikwe is one of the largest game reserves in South Africa. With its diverse vegetation and the possibility of spotting all of the Big 5 it is a major attraction to tourists...more

Honeymoon under African Skies - Deluxe Madikwe Flyin Safari

Enjoy bridal bliss on a deluxe 4 Day escape called Honeymoon under African Skies – one of the most romantic African honeymoon packages in malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve...more

Impodimo Game Lodge

Impodimo Game Lodge is ideally situated in the lush wildlife sanctuary of Madikwe Game Reserve, offering guests a unique and unforgettable malaria-free safari experience in the heart of the South African bushveld....more

Jacis Lodges

Jaci's Lodges comprise of Jaci's Safari Lodge and Jaci's Tree Lodge - family friendly safari lodges in the malaria free 'Big Five' Madikwe Game Reserve...more

Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge

Situated in the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa’s North West Province, Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge is in the ideal location to view the Big Five...more

Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge

Situated in the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa’s North West Province, Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge is in the ideal location to view the Big Five...more

Kruger Park vs Madikwe Game Reserve

Both Kruger National Park and Madikwe Game Reserve epitomise the value that the citizens of the country put into wildlife conservation and community development...more

Location of Madikwe Game Reserve

Ideally located between Johannesburg and Gaborone, Madikwe Game Reserve provides the perfect safari near Johannesburg getaway....more

Luxury Family Safari - Premier Madikwe Safari Tour

Family safari holidays will never be the same again! This 5 Day Exclusive Family Safari Package offers a private villa and personal service in malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa...more

Mad About Wildlife in Madikwe

South Africa's Madikwe Game Reserve is a top quality luxury African safari experience that guarantees incredible game-viewing within the 75 000 hectare reserve...more

Madikwe Family Trip - Classic Family Safari

Parents will be thrilled with the 3 day Madikwe family safari tour. This classic lodge offers malaria-free family safari in Madikwe, and is especially suitable for children...more

Madikwe Game Reserve Travel Guide

Madikwe Game Reserve presents a top quality, luxury, African safari experience, with knowledgeable game-rangers, professional hospitality staff, and abundant wildlife...more

Madikwe Game Viewing - What to Expect

The malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa provides one of the foremost wildlife experiences on the continent and the activities and guides in the park ensure the best opportunities...more

Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge

Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge is located in the malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve in the North West Province of South Africa. The area boasts the Big Five...more

Madikwe River Lodge

Madikwe River Lodge offers luxurious riverside chalets and an airy central lodge in the 'Big Five', malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa...more

Madikwe Safari Lodge

Madikwe Safari Lodge offers the guest intimate accommodation in one of South Africa's largest and malaria-free sanctuaries. Madikwe Safari Lodge is...more

Madikwe Selfdrive - Classic Madikwe Self Drive Safari

This 5 Day Classic Madikwe Self-drive safari Package allows you to enjoy a self-drive safari away from the crowds in the spectacular malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa...more

Madikwe Wild Dog Project

Well known for great sightings of its resident packs, Madikwe Game Reserve has a viable and flourishing population of these fascinating creatures. Wild Dogs are among...more

Magical Madikwe Wildlife

Home to the Big Five of the African animal kingdom, the magical Madikwe Game Reserve is located at the top of South Africa on the border of Botswana...more

Makanyane Safari Lodge

Makanyane Safari Lodge offers unforgettable wildlife experiences, exquisite accommodation and cuisine as well as outstanding personal service. Makanyane...more

Malaria Free Safari in South Africa

Madikwe Game Reserve offers a malaria-free safari in South Africa with superb wildlife and game viewing activities for the whole family...more

Mateya Safari Lodge

The history of man is rooted in the Madikwe landscape. As you open your heart to the beauty of Madikwe you will bear witness to the ancient pulse of...more


Situated in the heart of the Madikwe Game Reserve, this Madikwe lodge is a beautiful, exclusive and intimate bush villa suited to guests...more

Motswiri Private Safari Lodge

Motswiri Safari Lodge is a Big Five, malaria-free safari lodge situated in beautiful and tranquil surroundings in the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa....more

Operation Phoenix - Wildlife Trans Location at Madikwe

When the Madikwe Game Reserve was established in South Africa it precipitated Operation Phoenix, the largest translocation of wildlife by humans on earth, a feat that still holds the record today...more

Pilanesberg & Madikwe Combo Safari

This 5 Day Classic Pilanesberg and Madikwe Combo safari package is ideal for couples or friends who want to enjoy a luxury Big Five safari in 2 of South Africa’s most beautiful malaria-free game reserves...more

Planning Advice for a Family Safari

A safari can be one of the most enjoyable holidays for families to experience, and there are many places that offer family-friendly safaris, with Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa...more

Rhulani Safari Lodge

Rhulani means Relax and is a modern day Five Star refuge, an oasis of calm! Water cascades gently into a meandering rock pool around...more

Royal Madikwe Lodge

The Royal Madikwe is ideally situated in the malari-free Madikwe Game Reserve, providing excellent Big Five safari for families, groups of friends or couples....more

Safari Review - Impodimo Game Lodge, Madikwe Reserve

Like a flash of abstract artworks in black, white and brown, a pack of wild dogs makes an excited entrance in the precincts of Impodimo Game Lodge...more

Safari Review - Jacis Safari Lodge, Madikwe Reserve

If you want to feel like you own a patch of Africa, reserve the two-bedroom Nare Suite at Jaci's Safari Lodge in the malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve. Think private dining...more

Safari Review - Jacis Tree Lodge, Madikwe Reserve

Jaci and Jan van Heteren have two safari lodges in the Madikwe Game Reserve in North West province: Jaci's Tree Lodge and Jaci's Safari Lodge. Between them, the privately owned...more

Safari Review - Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge, Madikwe Reserve

Many of these animals and other wildlife can be seen without even moving from your bed or private dip pool in your suite at Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge...more

Safari Review - Madikwe Safari Lodge, Madikwe Reserve

Built on a grassy slope between two hills, Madikwe Safari Lodge in North West province appears from below like an African citadel, with its curvaceous thatch-and-ochre walls...more

Safari Review - Makanyane Safari Lodge, Madikwe Reserve

A few days at Makanyane and you become completely relaxed; lazing around the swimming pool, feasting on tasty morsels and making friends with camp staff and visiting elephants...more

Safari Review - Mateya Safari Lodge, Madikwe Reserve

Mateya Safari Lodge, in North West province, draws inspiration from Queen Mateya's legendary ruined settlement. The story starts with a terrible drought in the queen's territory...more

Safari Review - Rhulani Safari Lodge, Madikwe Reserve

Where other safari lodges have named themselves after animals, Rhulani Safari Lodge in Madikwe Game Reserve has chosen a word that is both instructive and conceptual...more

Safari Review - Tau Game Lodge, Madikwe Reserve

African wedding, honeymoon safari, high-tech conference or safari vacation, Tau Game Lodge does it all. With an enviable position around a lake-sized waterhole, each cottage has a view...more

Safari Review - Tuningi Safari Lodge, Madikwe Reserve

The recipe for a successful holiday is when each member of the family has a uniquely enjoyable time. This is what Tuningi Safari Lodge in Madikwe Game Reserve in North West...more

Self-drive Getaway - Classic Madikwe Self Drive

This 3 day classic self-drive safari tour is ideal for couples who want to enjoy a self-drive safari in the malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve. You can enjoy a weekend away...


Shortbreak to Madikwe Game Reserve - Classic Madikwe Getaway

This Classic 3 Day Short break to Madikwe Package is the perfect safari getaway for business people and couples who want a break. Discover the beauty of the malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve...more

South Africa Safari in Madikwe Game Reserve

Experience a malaria-free South Africa safari in Madikwe Game Reserve, showcasing spectacular wildlife and beautiful landscapes....more

Spirit of Africa - Premier Madikwe Honeymoon Safari

This Premier 3 day Spirit of Africa honeymoon fly-in safari is created to make your romantic honeymoon dreams come true. This malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve accommodation is ideal for just-married couples...more

Tau Game Lodge

Tau Game Lodge is set on the far northern border of South Africa, adjacent to Botswana, in the heart of the 75 000 hectare Madikwe Game Reserve. The...more

Thakadu River Camp

Thakadu River Camp is set along the banks of the Marico River in the eastern sector of the Madikwe Game Reserve. This safari camp in Madikwe Game Reserve...more

The Bush House

The Bush House is more than a game lodge in Madikwe Game Reserve; it will be your home in a land where the Big Five abounds...more

The Wild Dog. Africas Endangered Predator

The Cape Hunting Dog or African Wild Dog is not only Africa's most endangered predator but also the continent's most successful hunter, in some places having a kill success rate of over 80%...more

Tuningi Safari Lodge

In the heart of the malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve, there is a place where two valleys meet, an ancient fig tree and a tranquil waterhole...more

Wedding or Honeymoon Romance - Premier Madikwe Honeymoon Safari

Madikwe Game Reserve is perfect for a 4 Day Wedding or Honeymoon Romance and Safari. This premier lodge offers African honeymoon packages so you can celebrate your love in a malaria-free reserve...more

Why Madikwe is a Great Honeymoon Safari Destination

The African Safari is becoming the top choice for honeymooners for a romantic getaway and Madikwe Game Reserve is one of the best destinations in South Africa for a honeymoon...more

Why Madikwe is a Special Family Safari Destination

One of the aspects of an African family safari that concerns many parents is malaria, but child friendly safaris at Madikwe come with the added bonus that the area is malaria free...more
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