Types of Safaris in Zambia

River safari with Norman CarrRiver safari with Norman Carr

Types of safari in Zambia are many and varied and while some are fairly laid back, the adventure type safaris require a certain level of fitness and stamina.

Walking Safaris

Walking safaris usually start at the crack of dawn with the sound of birds calling. Your guide will show you the paw prints and markings of the wildlife who moved through the bush during the night. You might even find wildlife along the walk. For your own safety make sure to listen to your guide at all times. On the walk you will learn how the wildlife lives and how to track them. Walking safaris are usually available from the lodge you stay at.

Birding Safaris

Some of the best bird species concentrations can be found in Zambia. The usual bird lover and the Ornithologist will love what they see on a birding safari. Armed with binoculars and a checklist, you float along the river in a canoe spotting some of the birds.

Canoeing Safaris

This is one of the most rewarding ways of viewing wildlife and taking note of the environment at large. There are so much breathtaking scenery and so many interesting wildlife species having a drink at the rivers. The three best options are the Lower Zambezi River, the Upper Zambezi River and the Luangwa River.

Guided Mobile Safaris

This is the type of safari that was experienced by the first pioneers of Africa. Mobile safaris show you the real wild African bush and wilderness. You will be met at the airport in an open safari vehicle and taken into the bush where you will stay the night at a bush camp. From game drives, to canoeing and walking, you will experience nature in all her splendour. You will see a wide variety of wildlife, from predators to prey. Most mobile safaris can be tailor made to suit your specifications.

Elephant Back Safaris

Elephant back safari experience. Victoria FallsSee the world through the eyes of a majestic elephant while on a morning or afternoon elephant- back safari.

Horse Back Safaris

Horse trails are usually conducted along the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls. There is nothing more amazing than trotting through the wilderness, experiencing nature and camping along the river banks. This is an experience you won't forget.

Open 4 x 4 Safari Vehicle

Open safari vehicle safaris are conducted by most camps and lodges. Here you will be catered for in absolute luxury with your every whim acknowledged. There is nothing like a delightful bubble bath in the bush or a shower in a private outdoor shower. The vehicles are well equipped and comfortable for the time you will spend moving through the bush. You can even go on night game drives and watch the predators hunt.

Photographic Safaris

While staying at a lodge or on a game drive, you will have some great photographic opportunities. Zambia has naturally great lighting and the colours are amazing during the morning and early evening. There are safaris for photographers specifically. There will be lectures about the area and how to use your camera for the best photos. Make sure to bring a camera with a zoom lens of 200mm or longer.

Required Equipment

Make sure to bring lots of memory cards and batteries as they will not be found out in the Zambian bush.
Please keep your camera protected from dust and the sun.
To get very close to the wildlife is not always that easy so a normal camera might not be enough.

A 35mm single lens reflex camera with an interchangeable lens is suggested - between 35 and 200mm will help you get pictures of moving animals, the landscapes and the wildlife. For those serious photographers a 400-500mm telephoto lens is advised.

Ensure you have a charger, adaptors and converter. For video cameras, bring long-life batteries, a charger, adaptors and a converter for the charger.

Getting some Local Color

Please note that you should ask people for their permission before taking photos of them, it is rude otherwise.
Owing to the political paranoia common in most African countries: do not take photos of government buildings, military installations, vehicles or soldiers, or police and police buildings.
None of the following be of any interest: post offices, banks, airports, border posts and railway stations.

For Your Own Safety

Please remember that the wildlife in Zambia is wild. While these creatures do see many humans, it does not mean that you can walk up to them, and feeding them is illegal. Close all windows or zippers when you leave your room or tent.


Something to remember is that these animals move around. They can't be kept in one place for tourists to see. You will see many forms of wildlife, but certain sightings cannot be guaranteed in National Parks.
Make sure to get as much information while on safari. Ask questions and takes photos. Remember this is Africa, so come with an easy going attitude.
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