Tanzania Safari Destination Guide

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Everything you need to know about Tanzania safari destinations. Read up on the highlights of the various regions: the Great Migration across Serengeti, the fabled Ngorongoro Crater, the flamingos of Lake Manyara and the mystical Zanzibar Spice Islands.

Balloon Safaris over the Serengeti

One of the most tranquil game viewing experiences has to be going on a balloon safari where you float over the flat landscape which teems with wildlife, notably Wildebeest and Zebra...more

Best of Tanzanias Beaches

The beaches on the mainland and on the islands of Tanzania are becoming legendary for their warm waters, safety and incredible marine diversity...more

Best Times to Visit Tanzania and Serengeti

Owing to its vast area, the climate in Tanzania varies from region to region in any given month. As in every tropical and sub-tropical region there are only two seasons...more

Coast and Islands - Tanzania Traveli Guide

Tanzania is renowned for its wildlife but the coast and islands of Tanzania could well stand alone as an African travel destination...more

How to be in the Right Place to Catch the Great Migration

But what is so special about the Great Wildebeest Migration? Well the sight of almost two million animals moving across the legendary plains of East Africa...more

Katavi National Park - Tanzania Safari Guide

Katavi National Park is way off the beaten track, and Chada Katavi is the only safari camp. With no humans for hundreds of miles, the only people around are the lodge staff...more

Lake Manyara National Park - Tanzania Safari Guide

Probably more recognised as a pleasant stopover during a safari of the legendary parks of Ngorongoro and Serengeti, Lake Manyara National Park is nonetheless a place of unique beauty...more

Mankind and Ngorongoro - Tanzania Safari Guide

Once thought to be higher than Kilimanjaro before imploding, Ngorongoro Crater is an iconic wilderness and safari destination...more

National Parks of Tanzania - Safari Guide

Southern and western Tanzania hosts many reserves and national parks in Tanzania, from the largest, Selous Game Reserve, at 50 000sq/km to the smallest...more

Ruaha National Park

Tanzania is seeing the benefits of tourism and, with many African safari travelers looking for new destinations, Ruaha is beginning to fulfill its role...more

Sacred Mahale Mountains - Tanzania Safari Guid

There is a unique sense of place in the Mahale Mountains National Park of western Tanzania, and more African safari travellers are discovering how special the area is....more

Tanzania Cultural Heritage Sites

Better known for its wilderness areas, Tanzania nonetheless provides a rich cultural and historical aspect. Aside from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania has three other Cultural Heritage Sites...more

Tanzania Natural Heritage Sites

Tanzania Natural Heritage Sites include the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park, Selous Game Reserve and Kilimanjaro National Park...more

Tanzania Safari Guide - Burigi Game Reserve and Moyowosi

See the Shoebill stork and Wattled Crane in the Important Birding Areas as designated by Birdlife International, at Burigi and Moyowosi Game Reserves in far north-west of Tanzania...more

Tanzania Safari Guide - Rufiji River. Lifeline of the South

The Rufiji River flows through one of Africa's greatest wilderness areas, Selous Game Reserve, where it ensures the survival of some of the greatest concentrations of animals in Africa....more

Tanzania Safari Guide - Selous Game Reserve

The Selous Game Reserve in Southern Tanzania is a true African Eden of prolific wildlife and vast wilderness, and is a name that is becoming legendary...more

Tanzania Safari Guide - Southern Tanzania - The Next Big Thing

Tanzania has always relied on its iconic northern circuit to carry its tourism, but with its present economic growth comes a growth in tourism and the...more

Tanzania Safari Guide - Tarangire - Quintessential Africa

Part of the legendary northern safari circuit of Tanzania, Tarangire is nonetheless a stand-alone safari destination that moves to its own unique rhythm....more

Tanzania Safari Guide: Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island is renowned for its beaches and historical attractions depicting the slave trade and the great trading routes of the east coast of Africa....more

Tanzania Safari Guide to Arusha - What to see and do in Arusha

A popular day trip for travellers staying in Arusha is to visit the Arusha National Park. (It is an easy 40-minute drive from Arusha). An Arusha safari...more

Tanzania Safari Guide to Mahale Mountains National Park

A chimpanzee safari in the remote Mahale Mountains is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Only accessible by small aircraft and boat the Mahale Mountains National Park is road-free park...more

Tanzania Safari Guide to Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) encompasses a large area of the plains on the southern side of the Serengeti and also the Ngorongoro Highlands...more

Tanzania Safari Guide to Ruaha

Ruaha National Park is all about wilderness, spectacular scenery and wildlife. Due to its remote location, Ruaha National Park is largely unexplored making it a unique Tanzania safari experience...more

Tanzania Safari Guide to Selous

Africa's largest game reserve, which at over 55, 000 kilometres is twice the size of Kruger National Park. It is home to the largest concentration of Buffalo in the World...more

Tanzania Safari Guide to Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti National Park covers about 15,000km². The movement of wildebeest across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem is one of the greatest spectacles in the natural world...more

Tanzania Safari Guide to Tarangire

Covering 2850 sq km ², Tarangire National Park lies to the south of the Maasai Steppes and derives its name from the Tarangire River that provides water to the wildlife in this area...more

Tanzania Safari Lodges

Our selection of Tanzania safari lodges are located in the finest Tanzania safari destinations and include game viewing and exciting activities. Our Destination Experts will take the hassle and trepidation out of booking...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Meet The Famous Maasai Tribe

Come and experience a cultural safari in the land famous for the Maasai tribe. Tanzania has over 120 different ethnic groups, making it one of the most culturally diverse countries in the World...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Walking Safaris in the Selous

Experience the rhythm of the bush while on a walking safari in the Selous Game Reserve, one of the greatest wildlife regions in Africa...more

Tanzania World Heritage Sites

An indication of the spectacular attractions on offer in Tanzania is the presence of eight World Heritage Sites in the country – the most of any African country...more

The Elephant Migration in Tarangire - Tanzania Safari Guide

Tarangire National Park is second to the Serengeti when it comes to sheer numbers of seasonal game gathering in one area. This park is really different from all the rest....more

Timeless Ngorongoro Crater - Tanzania Safari Guide

For wildlife viewing inside the crater, all year round, although during the heavy rains in April to May, some days might be difficult to descend into the...more

Wildlife of Ruaha - Tanzania Safari Guide

Ruaha National Park in Tanzania is one of the new frontiers of African safari travel, a place where species overlap in their range and where new species...more

Zanzibar Stonetown - Tanzania Travel Guide

Stonetown on Zanzibar Island is a tourist destination in its own right but combined with the legendary Game Reserves of Tanzania it becomes an iconic end...more
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