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Once a tourism hotspot and the breadbasket of Africa, Zimbabwe has seen its economy crash in recent years - to the verge of collapse. Zimbabwe Facts points to the history of this proud nation that is once again finding its feet as an African Safari destination.

Capital: Harare

Languages: English is the official language with Shona and Sindebele being the most spoken indigenous languages.

Best time to visit: The dry months from May to September are the best time to visit Zimbabwe.

Currency: US Dollar [$]


Zimbabwe was once considered one of the top destinations in Africa to visit with the Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park being the main attractions, however, due to political instability in the country the tourism has dropped sharply with most tourists now opting for neighbouring Zambia.

Other attractions in this diverse country include Lake Kariba, Mana Pools, Great Zimbabwe and the countless adventure activities available.

Date of independence:

18.05.1980. The white minority government of Rhodesia declared itself independent from Britain in 1965 [unilateral declaration of independence / UDI]. The liberation war increased in intensity. With help from South Africa, among others, the Rhodesian army stepped up its campaign.

In 1978 a deal was signed with moderate black leaders and Bishop Abel Muserewa became the prime minister of Zimbabwe Rhodesia. This deal was not recognized by many however and after talks in London Zimbabwe moved to majority rule with Robert Mugabe as the leader.

Sadly, Mugabe is still in power in Zimbabwe today, having successfully run the economy into the ground whilst crushing the social system into some sort of feudal fiefdom. Any pretense at democracy is a sham and any moves to revive the country will remain a pipe dream until Mugabe dies, or is replaced.

However, given the track record of the group of sycophants that make up the ruling party the current mess will merely be perpetuated.

Zimbabwe Map

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