Safari Guide Experiences

  • Microlight flight over Victoria Falls

    Activities on the Zambezi

    The mighty Zambezi River provides for the most adventurous activities in Africa, with the Lower Zambezi adding Big Game to the adventure

  • Smokey dawn in Moremi. Leigh Kemp

    After the Fire

    Dawn breaks in a musty-scented, smoke-smudged awakening, breaking over still smouldering plains blackened in the light. The sun pushes meekly into the

  • Lions in the spotlight.- Richard Miller

    Beyond Midnight

    Hours Beyond Midnight. Wake up to the sound of a leopard somewhere in the Kalahari, on your Botswana desert wilderness safari

  • Buffalo and heron. Michael English

    Big Five Legend

    The Big Five. Originally the most difficult, or most dangerous, animals to hunt, are now the gauge of a successful African safari. And the biggest

  • Saddke-billed Stork. Graham Cooke

    Birds of Africa

    Birds were one of my first interests as a kid growing up on a farm and I have maintained this interest throughout my life. I have always been fascinated

  • Lion with giraffe kill/ Mombo Camp

    Call of the Hunter

    Game hunters are an interesting collection of mindsets and ideas, and often a hunting safari to Africa is linked to a photographic safari in the parks

  • The Carnivore Restaurant - Nairobi

    Carnivore Restaurant

    The Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi has since stopped serving much of the game meat it was famous for but the experience is no less intimidating with

  • Chimpanzee

    Chimpanzee Contact

    One of the best places to experience chimpanzees in east and central Africa are Mahale Mountains National Park on Lake Tanganyika, arguably the remotest

  • Chimpanzee. Kayumba Gorge. Uganda

    Chimpanzee Trekking

    Chimpanzee tracking in the Mahale Mountains not only requires stamina, but patience and steadfastness, and the ability to move quietly

  • Elephants of Savuti. Botswana

    Dust Light and Shadows

    Light, in its various forms, turns a moment from the [ordinary] to the spectacular. Every moment in the wilderness is spectacular. You only have to look

  • Olduvai at the beginning of the Rift Valley

    Echoes of Olduvai

    It would be so easy to drive past Olduvai Gorge when on route to the Serengeti from Ngorongoro Crater – and many people do. Granted the gorge itself

  • Female gorilla and her young

    Harming by Caring

    Gorillas and chimpanzees are susceptible to human diseases, and this is why travellers are urged to maintain a safe distance. For the good of the animals

  • Dusk over Moremi. Botswana. Leigh Kemp

    Haunted by Africa

    Africa – the name inspires, evoking images of a forgotten part of us / our souls – a part that we yearn to embrace or that we attempt to keep hidden far

  • Game walk in South Luangwa. Tafika Camp. Zambia

    Human Perspectives on Wilderness

    Most people who visit the wilderness do so to restore their souls and to appreciate all it teaches humanity but there are many, and the numbers are

  • Elephants wade ashore near Mvuu Camp. Malawi

    Never Disappointing

    Travelling, as in life, asks that we get the best on offer and I have often been asked by guests as to the best place in Africa to go on safari

  • Champagne on the rocks at Ngorongoro and distant

    Ngorongoro Crater

    The wildlife of the Ngorongoro Crater is spectacular, with most species of northern Tanzania represented in a small area, making game viewing a memorable

  • Sunset cruise at Selous Impala Camp

    Selous Game Reserve

    Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve is one of Africa’s greatest wilderness areas, and is today fast gaining a deserved reputation as one of the best safari

  • Sunset dining at Amara Selous Camp

    Sunsets in Africa

    The sunset stop is an integral part of the African safari, a rite of passage for any self-respecting safari-goer, and sunset photography rivals that of

  • Flamingoes on Nata Salt Pan

    The Flamebird

    Early African explorers wrote of 'lakes of flames' and 'ribbons of fire' after seeing the millions of flamingos lining the shores of the lakes of Africa

  • Champagne sunset over Lake Malawi from Pumlani Lodge

    The New Wilderness

    Competition in economically trying times is tough but adding gimmicks to what should be an experience of soul restoration is pushing the limit somewhat

  • Delta Dragonfly. Simon Bloomhill

    Tricky Insects

    Insects are fascinating creatures, with the most diverse range of colours, patterning and behaviour types in the animal kingdom. I have spent hours in

  • On a game drive out of Loldia House. Kenya

    Wilderness Perspectives

    There are still places in Africa where the values of the earth have remained relatively unchanged by Western ideals, and although some of these places

  • Leopard in the Dusk. Leigh Kemp

    Wilderness Place

    A safari in Botswana opens a book on the cycle of seasons, life and death in the wilderness

African Safaris Guide to South and East Africa
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