Harming by Caring
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© Female gorilla and her young

How many times have us humans been caught out harming a creature we have thought to be protecting, killing a creature in the name of vanity?

And no I am not talking of the creatures that are harmed in the name of beauty - I am speaking of the vanity of proclaiming a link with a certain group or individual, or worse still an acceptance from them, when in actual fact what was happening was that the social behaviour and survival instincts of the animals were being compromised.

After reading how gorillas and chimpanzees in some tourist areas were succumbing to human diseases ... So all the mamby pamby gorillas-were-a-life-changing-experience do-gooders were actually doing more harm than good ...... yes go on comfort your conscience by putting the blame on the authorities for making the rules .... It is your behavior that the gorillas are now aping .... And diseases brought on by your dental and nasal fungi that they are now suffering from ....

To all those self-serving individuals who described how the gorillas made a connection by coming up close and personal - let's hope you brushed your teeth and had no halitosic bugs floating around in your mouths and throats ..... how does it feel now to know that you have added to the potential demise of one of the most endangered creatures on earth ....

By Leigh Kemp

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