Why Safari in Africa

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An African Safari is the most sought-after travel experience on the continent. The stuff of legends. The African safari of today is quite different from the Hollywood safari of yore, although it is still possible to experience this screen-immortalized African safari in some regions.

Why Safari in Africa

Africa affects the majority of visitors in some way - be it positive or negative. It opens up something in our psyche that is difficult to understand, often so overwhelming that we often shut it out in fear. In short Africa is more than a travel destination - it is life experience.

Vast herds wandering the plains, with predators lying in wait, is one of the most romanticized versions of the African safari but there is far more to Africa than this. Each region in Africa has its own unique soul. The soul of each area may be in the drama of the wildlife interactions or the spectacular landscapes, it may be the beauty of the changing seasons or the aura of perceived desolation.

The African safari has undergone a renaissance over the past decade with the move towards luxury lodge travel and then a return to the yearning for an experience of the Africa of old. What the renaissance has ensured is a wide choice of safari options and accommodations. Whatever the heart desires in a travel experience can be satisfied somewhere in Africa.

African Wildlife - The Main Attraction

The wildlife of Africa has long been at the forefront of travelers dreams. In fact many visitors to the continent still come solely for the big game experience and are mostly not disappointed. Although the sightings of wildlife cannot be guaranteed anywhere there are place that pride themselves on the regularity of sightings of the big game.

Wildlife viewing differs throughout the safari countries of Africa - in some areas there may be spectacular sightings with plenty of animals, but busy with human traffic, whereas in others the sightings may not be as regular but the wilderness experience is more pristine.

a safari than a mere concept. However, if it is the big five you are after or a more 'back to earth' feel then Africa is the place. Whatever the wildlife requirements are for a safari Africa will satisfy them all.

The Birthplace of Man

In recent years it has become the norm to talk of Africa as the birthplace of man - and findings have placed the earliest human in Africa - from where the rest of the world was populated. It was believed that the plains of East Africa are where we originated but recently South Africa has gained popularity as the place of our first stirrings.

Many travelers around the world feel a need to visit the home countries of their ancestors as a sort of cleansing, enabling them to come in touch with their heritage and since the ideas of Africa been the birthplace came about many people from around the world have indicated a desire to visit the continent.

Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, also known as the Cradle of Mankind, provides a fascinating look into the African past. Echoes of the past can be heard from a viewpoint on the edge of the gorge and a small on site museum allows for a brief glimpse into the life on the plains at the time of our beginnings.

There are many sites of ancient discoveries in Africa but the most recent theories indicate that the Cradle of Humankind in South Africa is the place of mankind's earliest ancestors. The latest discoveries in South Africa indicate new information relating to the beginnings of mankind.

Beyond the Wildlife - So Much More in Africa

Although the idea of the African wildlife safari stills burns in the minds of many people, most are now realizing the diversity the continent of Africa offers. Beyond the spectacular wildlife and human history is a continent of incredible beauty, a place of huge landscapes, vibrant cultures and great sense of mystique.

Africa is not merely a travel destination to be ticked off on a list. Africa is to be experienced through each incredible gut-wrenching moment. Africa is inspirational.

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