African Safari Guide

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See African country maps and find out about Africa's best beaches, best seasons to travel and what to see and do while on safari in Africa.

African Legends and Myths Explained

Read about the fascinating Legends of Africa including The Legend of the Big 5, Head-in-the-sand ostriches and African Predators...more

African Safari Guide - Africas Rivers of Life

Many of the rivers of Africa flow through some of the finest wilderness areas and provide for safari experiences that live long in the memor...more

African Safari Guide - Great Migration Guarantee

The Great Migration in brief sees the wildebeest herds spend some months roaming the lush southern plains of the Serengeti...more

African Safari Guide - Wildlife Refuges

Game reserves were established to protect the fast-disappearing wildlife and today these reserves will often have a river as a focal point...more

African Terms - Know the Lingo

Africa always has something interesting to offer up as discussion, such as wars and famine or big game and culture, and other topics relatin...more

African Top Ten Safari Experiences

There are many must-do lists when it comes to African travel, most of which are based on set ideas of what the African icons are. Top 10 Afr...more

Africas Greatest Show

Africa plays host to some of the most dramatic natural occurrences on earth, the most famous being the Great Wildebeest migration of East Af...more

History of the African Safari

Immortalized in print and on screen an African safari is a lifelong dream for many people around the world and those privileged...more

Kenya or Tanzania - African Safari Guide

East Africa is where the concept of Safari was born! And East Africa is still many travelers epitome of a safari. The old iconic picture pos...more

Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi - Beaches of East Africa

Kenya and Tanzania are legendary wildlife safari destinations but in recent years they have also become known for their beach holidays...more

Makoro Safari - African Safari Guide

A makoro, also spelt mekoro or mokoro is a fantastic way of travelling through the waterways of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. See wildlife...more

Mountain Biking in Five African Countries

Ancient deserts, expansive stands of virgin rainforest, death-defying downhills swooping from high plateaus and savanna plains teeming with ...more

Mozambique and South Africa - Beaches of Southern Africa

Southern Africa has always been known for its landscapes and wildlife, with beaches less of an attraction, but in recent years the wildlife ...more

National Park Maps of Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Malawi and more

This African Travel Map resource will help you to orient your self to the national parks and nature reserves towns and cities in Southern an...more

Natural Wonders of Africa

Read more about the Natural Wonders of Africa including Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls, Albertine Rift, Ngorongoro Crater, The Great Plains...more

The African Rainy Season - African Safari Guide

The rainy season is the time when the life-giving rains bring new life to the wilderness areas of Africa. A time that is considered to be th...more

Self-Drive Safaris in Africa - Safari Guide

South Africa and Namibia provide the self-drive holiday maker the perfect destination to head out independently, and fascinating landscapes...more

Top 10 Birding Sites in Africa

There are many places in Africa where you can see 100 bird species before breakfast - but be prepared to wait much longer for those 'hard-to...more

Why Safari in Africa

An African Safari is the most sought-after travel experience on the continent. The stuff of legends. The African safari of today is quite di...more
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