African Country Facts
Languages, Best Times to Visit and Attractions

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Find out African Country Facts about the languages, currencies and best time to visit Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Botswana Facts

With a strong economy built on diamonds and tourism, Botswana is a beacon of hope on a continent often beset with problems. Botswana Facts...more

Kenya Facts

Kenya Facts highlights features of Kenya, a country still regarded by many as the iconic African Safari destination. Immortalized in print and on screen...more

Malawi Facts

Tourism is dominated by activities around Lake Malawi and Malawi Facts explains some of the features of Malawi. Best time to visit Malawi...more

Mozambique Facts

Find out Mozambique Facts about the countrys capital, currency, languages, best time to visit and Mozambique safari destinations...more

Namibia Facts

Namibia has successfully negotiated democracy and built a sound economy on minerals and tourism. Namibia Facts highlights the success of this intriguing...more

South Africa Facts

With a human history as dramatic as the vast landscapes, South Africa is at the forefront of world opinion right now with the country...more

Tanzania Facts

Tanzania has long lived in the shadow of Kenya but is now opening to the world as never before. Tanzania Facts explores...more

Uganda Facts

Uganda Facts shares some information on the country with massive potential for tourism and development. Gorilla safaris...more

Zambia Facts

Apart from the most spectacular views of the magnificent Victoria Falls, Zambia has some of Africa's finest Game Reserves in the world. For high action adrenaline thrills and off-the-beaten track adventure...more

Zimbabwe Facts

Zimbabwe Facts points to the history of this proud nation that is once again finding its feet as an African safari destination...more
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