African Wildlife Guide

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Learn more about the Big Five, Giraffes, Lions and other predators of Africa, their habitats and habits in this African Wildlife Guide.

African Wildlife Guide

The highlight of an African Safari is the game viewing. Game drives and walking safaris will bring you closer to the species mentioned in this African...more

Giraffe of Africa - African Wildlife Guide

The African giraffe, the tallest land mammal, is one of the most characteristic animals of Africa and is a highlight for many visitors on safari...more

Lions of Africa - African Wildlife Guide

Earnest Hemingway once said: There can no more thrilling experience than the first sight of a full-maned lion on the plains of Africa...more

Predators of Africa - African Wildlife Guide

Learn more about Predators of Africa in this African Wildlife Guide. Predators include Lion, Cheetah and Hyena...more

Species Differentiation among African Mammals

Members of the same species that are widespread in Africa can show marked differences in appearance, in particular colour and patterning...more

Wildlife of Africa

There are many incredible wildlife experiences to be had around the world but it is the wildlife of Africa that continues to amaze visitors...more

Wildlife of Africa - Introducing the Big Five

On a safari in Africa everyone seems to be after the Big Five- but what exactly is the Big Five and why does everyone getting so excited about them?...more
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