Malawi Facts

Not blessed with wildlife and minerals as other African destinations Malawi is nevertheless known as the 'Warm Heart of Africa'. Tourism is dominated by activities around Lake Malawi and Malawi Facts explains some of the features of Malawi.

Capital: Lilongwe

Languages: English is the official Language but there are many local languages of which Chichewa is the most widely spoken.

Best time to visit: Malawi can be visited year round but the rainy season between January and March can inhibit travel

Currency:Malawian Kwacha


At the heart of Malawi is the lake - also known as the Lake of Stars. Lake Malawi has incredible diversity much of which is unique to the lake.

Also known as 'The Warm Heart of Africa' Malawi has game parks and fine freshwater beaches along the lake shore. Although the game parks of Malawi do not provide the drama and sightings of the better known parks of Africa, they are still worthwhile visiting.

Date of Independence

06.07.1964. Malawi gained independence from Britain. As the country was not heavily colonized the transition to majority rule was relatively peaceful save for some skirmishes and arrests of politicians.

The first leader of Malawi was Hastings Banda who remained in power, after establishing one party state and declaring himself president for life, until 1993 when a referendum turned against him.

Malawi Map

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