Uganda Facts

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Often in the news for the wrong reasons this ‘Pearl of Africa' is exposing itself to the world in greater detail and Uganda Facts shares some information on the country with massive potential for tourism and development.

Capital: Kampala

Languages: English is the official language with Luganda and Kiswahili widely spoken

Best time to visit Uganda: Uganda is an equatorial country so the best time to travel is the dry months of January and February and June to September.

Currency: New Ugandan Shilling [Ush]


Described by Winston Churchill as the "Pearl of Africa", Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries on the continent. Game rich game parks and the opportunity to see wild gorillas attract gorilla safari tourists from all over the world.

Date of Independence

09.10.1962. Uganda turned into a nightmare when the notorious Idi Amin took over the country in a coup in 1971. Political killings and the murder of innocent people was rife. In all it is estimated that upwards of 100 000 people were killed during Amin's tenor.

His reign came to an end after his army had annexed a part of northern Tanzania. Tanzania responded and chased the Ugandans back to Kampala form where Idi Amin fled to Libya and later Saudi Arabia.

Uganda today is a far cry from the atrocities of the past although there are still remnants of the past lurking.

Uganda Map

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