Virunga Park Gorilla Trek in Uganda

The Uganda Gorilla African Safari Trip Experience:

The numbers of mountain gorillas in the wild have dwindled in the past while and much is now been done to stop the populations from disappearing altogether. Tourism is playing a huge part in the protection of the gorillas with the money from fees and permits helping to pay for greater protection.

A gorilla safari in the beautiful mountains and forests of Uganda is a once in a lifetime experience and one of the top five safaris on the continent. Marvel at one of Africa's rarest creatures as they go on with their doings, seemingly oblivious to human presence.

Unique about the Uganda Gorilla Safari Coming close to the rare mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

Interests:Gorilla experience, hiking, bird watching and marveling at the landscape.

Gorilla Safari Vacation Package to Uganda

Gorilla safaris in Uganda have taken on new meaning in recent years with the realization that we are slowly destroying the habitats of species and in turn destroying the species themselves. Gorilla groups that have been habituated to human presence by researchers provide a unique look into the life of one of our closest relatives in the animal world.The few remaining mountain gorillas in the wild can be found in some areas in the mountains of the Albertine Rift or the western rift of the Great Rift Valley. A hike into this wilderness in Uganda to seek them out is part of this special adventure.Although gorillas in Uganda are the main attraction they are by no means the only thing of interest in the mountains. The birding is spectacular and other primates also feature prominently. A gorilla safari in Uganda is best combined with a big game safari in the reserves in other parts of the country.

Best time for a Gorilla safari in Uganda

The gorillas can be viewed year round but it is advisable to avoid the rainy seasons as the paths can be very muddy and slippery. The two rainy seasons are March - April and October - November. The best months for gorilla trekking would be January - February and June - September.

Getting There

There are a number of international airlines that fly into Entebbe, Uganda, about 40 km from the capital Kampala. From Kampala it is a full day's drive to the overnight accommodation for the gorilla safari.

Choose Your Uganda Safari Lodging Style

Luxury Lodges
Exclusive luxury in the mountains of Uganda where the luxury lodges provide five star service, coupled with excellent food for the ultimate gorilla safari trek adventure.

Luxury Tented Camps
Remote sophistication in the luxury tented camps where the mystical mountains of Uganda add to the ambiance of the tented safaris and great service and food enhance the experience further.

Gorilla Safari Treks in Uganda and Rwanda

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