South Luangwa Safari Tour in Zambia

The South Luangwa Safari Experience:

Relatively unknown in the past the Luangwa Valley has nevertheless long been the choice of safari connoisseurs. More and more safari-goers are discovering the riches of this new frontier in African safaris and Luangwa is quickly gaining the reputation reserved for the iconic safari areas of the past. Luangwa Valley is renowned for walking safaris under the guidance of the best guides in Africa.

Unique about the Luangwa The park is fed by the Luangwa River that attracts huge numbers of African wildlife to its waters

Interests: Walking safaris, game drives, night drives and cultural interactions

African Safari Vacation Package to South Luangwa, Zambia

The Luangwa Valley is a place where great numbers of African wildlife concentrate on the fertile floodplains during the dry season, drawn by the availability of food and the life-giving waters of the Luangwa River. With the highest concentrations of hippos and elephants added to the high predator density, with lion prides up to 30 strong, the Luangwa safari experience in Zambia is the first choice of many safari connoisseurs.Framed by the escarpment and the river, Luangwa National Park is a world away from the bustling reserves in other parts of Africa. Here, life is not as we know it but rather as life once was. Game drives provide a rich array of life and the legendary night drives reveal a part of Africa seldom seen anywhere.The best walking safaris in Zambia are to be experienced in the Luangwa Valley under the guidance of some of the continents best guides. Cultural interactions in neighbouring villages are also part of the Luangwa safari experience.

Best time to travel to Luangwa

In the past, Luangwa National Park in Zambia was known as a dry season destination, with most the lodges closing during the rainy season, but the attractions of the 'emerald season' have now become well known - making Luangwa a year round safari destination.

The dry season is better for the higher concentration of game but the rainy season provides for the best birding time and the calving time for many antelope.The rainy season is from late October through to March / April.

Getting There

Although the park is remote, getting to South Luangwa is relatively easy with regular flights from Livingstone and Lusaka to Mfuwe, from where the lodge staff provide transport to the various accommodation options.

Charter flights from outside the country can now fly direct to Mfuwe without stopping to clear customs at the major centers.

Getting to South Luangwa by road is possible but staying over elsewhere on route is essential because of the distances involved.

Choose Your Zambia Safari Lodging Style

Luxury Lodges Luxury Safari Lodges in Zambia provide the ultimate in safari luxury, with five star accommodations to go with the high service levels, gourmet food and excellent wildlife experiences.
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Classic Safari Lodges Luxury lodges in the tradition of the original safari lodges, these classic lodges with en-suite facilities offer high levels of service and luxury, and excellent food.
Tented Camps Safaris under canvas are still considered the ultimate in African safari but these en-suite tented camps have refined the ideal with comfort and service to add to the experience.
Bush Camps South Luangwa is renowned for walking safaris and the bush camps in Zambia are the ideal overnight accommodations during the walks, rustic but comfortable with basic en-suite facilities.

South Luangwa Safari in Zambia

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