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© On a game drive out of Loldia House. Kenya

Wilderness means different things to different people. In today's world of greed and materialism wilderness has taken on the concept of commodity.

Instead of it been a place of necessity for the rejuvenation of the human soul, the wilderness is now a place that is pillaged and abused in the name of conservation.

Desert exploration out of Wolwedans. Namibia

Historically mankind has been close to the wilderness through lifestyle and circumstances, then wilderness became a place to go to for a sense of re-evaluation, but in recent years the wilderness has become just another commodity for human consumption.

The spiritual and healing value of wilderness has been replaced by a commercial value, which has been marketed by corporations as the only way to save the earth. Where earth values were attached to decisions by companies, are now the needs of shareholders and company executives.

There is a still a place...

Madikwe Hills. South Africa

There are still places in Africa where the values of the earth have remained relatively unchanged by Western ideals, and although some of these places have been slowly but surely "colonised" by the slick new concept of capitalist conservation, there are many more areas that have remained relatively unchanged.

Islands of Siankaba. Zambia

It is these, latter areas that are generally off the beaten track so to speak, that we focus our attention on highlighting to the traveller/adventurer - providing a richer safari experience by getting them closer to nature without all the frills, but equally without too much of the discomfort that might be experienced once one leaves the civilized world.

Article by Leigh Kemp
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