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Dust, Light and Shadows

© Elephants of Savuti. Botswana

Light, in its various forms, turns a moment from the [ordinary] to the spectacular. Every moment in the wilderness is spectacular. You only have to look a little deeper at times.

Shadows are happening moments but are often the scene for moments that are suspended in time.

Camouflage is the blending of the colour with the surroundings...

...but it can also be a blend with the light and shadows.

To tell the time by the sounds of the wilderness is to almost understand where we have come from - but we are still human.

Dust - Celebration of a Season
Dust - is a harvest of a season
A prelude, a post-script
Dust is a time
And a season in itself
Dust is a moment in a passing drama
An image of life
A signature of death

Dust is born in a moment
The making
And the showing of a passing
Of the moment

Dust is a Gathering

Dust is borne on the breeze
A breath of the wilderness
Dust is a curse in wanting
A blessing in understanding

Dust is of the earth
And the colouring of the sky
The painting of the sun
Dust is of the orchestra of light
Morning through evening to night

Dust is the scent that prevails
In the rage of a storm
Dust is the scent of renewal

And, finally, dust is an epilogue

by Leigh Kemp

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