Finding the Right Safari for You

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Selecting an African safari from the thousands of portfolios out there is a daunting task. Unless you know exactly what you are looking for you could be overwhelmed by all that is out there. The first step to selecting the right safari for yourself is to consider your expectations. Are you wanting a luxury big 5 safari, or a more back to nature-type walking safari? How long do you have for your safari and what budget can you allocate yourself.

Types of Africa Safari

African Safaris can be experienced in a number of ways but all will be centered around the accommodations that you choose. Luxury lodges and tented camps, rest camps and rustic campsites are the accommodations available on an African Safari. These varying accommodations located in the destination of your choice can be accessed on a number of safari type options.
  • Fly-In Safaris
  • Mobile Guided Safari - Lodge or Camping
  • Camping Safari
  • Specialist Safari
  • Self-Drive Safari
An African safari is special experience and a Siyabona consultant will assist in finding the right safari for you.

Fly-In Safari

This safari involves light aircraft transfers between the lodges and camps. Once at the camps the lodge staff will take care of everything. You can choose to have a specialist guide for the duration of the safari or utilize the guides at the lodges and camps.

Mobile Guided Safari

A mobile safari is the overland transfer in a 4x4 vehicle between destinations. The guide will also be the driver of the vehicle and will escourt the whole safari. The mobile safaris can be lodge safaris or camping safaris.

Camping Safari

The camping safaris are generally always mobile safaris. A guide will drive and guide the whole safari as it moves from campsite to campsite. The standard of camping ranges from fully-serviced luxury to rustic.

Guided Safari

A guided safari refers to any safari that has a specialist guide accompanying the whole trip and not relying on the lodge guides. The value of any guided safari is the continuity and that the guide gets to know the guests and their needs.

Specialist Safari

A specialist safari is one that does not follow the pre-set menu of game drives and standard safari activities in the usual areas. Off the beaten track, with some specialist safaris have experienced specialist guides conducting them. Examples of specialist safaris include overnight walking safaris, canoe and makoro safaris and some birding safaris.

Self-Drive Safari

A self drive safari is a self-guided adventure safari. Self drive safaris vary from comfortable non adventurous safaris in places such as Kruger Park to the more adventurous 4x4 safaris offered in many parts of Africa.

The right safari for you Q & A

I do not want to travel in light aircrafts. What other options are there?
Although there are places you cannot get to without light aircraft travel the majority of safari destinations are accessible by motor vehicle. Even in the Okavango Delta there are camps that can be accessed by motor vehicle and / or by motor boat. The best way of getting around would be on mobile lodge safari.

I do not have much time and do not want to spend too much travelling from place to place?
A fly-in safari is ideal for an itinerary that has time constraints. All transfers to and from camps will be by light aircraft which allows for more time to enjoy each area without having to spend time driving to the next destination.

I do not want to stay in luxury lodges but want a guided safari, what options are there?
A mobile tented safari is the best option. The tented camps range from basic camping facilities to fully serviced mobile camps. The safaris will be guided by experienced guides, ensuring a much-enhanced safari experience. A Siyabona consultant will assist in making the right choice for your guided mobile tented safari.

I want to drive myself around the parks but do not have a 4x4.
A self drive safari is ideal for those wanting to experience the parks on their own. Although the roads in many countries of Africa are notoriously bad, and 4x4 are essential there are places where normal sedan cars can easily go. The Kruger National Park is the ideal place for a self-drive family safari. Roads are good, accommodation reasonable, fuel and supplies readily available and the option is there to hire guides for some of the activities.

I have been to Africa before and intend returning but I want to do something different this time.

There are a number of options available for a safari with a difference. Walking safaris of varying lengths allow for a different perspective on the wilderness. These are guided by some of the best and most experienced guides on the continent.

Other options for specialist safaris include birding, canoeing, makoro and cultural safaris. All provide a unique and unforgettable experience. Siyabona consultants can help with the right choice for a specialist safari most suited to your needs.

What you should know from your consultant

It is important to know exactly what you are getting when booking your ideal African Safari. Your consultant can advise you on distances and traveling times where applicable, what is included and what is excluded from the cost of the safari and what you should take along with you.
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