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A Jewel in the Shadows Of the Giants. Arusha National Park.

The closest national park to Arusha town – the northern Tanzania safari capital – Arusha National Park is a multi-faceted jewel, often overlooked by safari-goers...more

Best 25 National Parks in East Africa - An Introduction

East Africa's diversity is sensational. The range of terrains, climates, ecosystems, cultures and wildlife on offer almost defies belief. Good news for travellers: surely there's a park or reserve...more

How to Look Fabulous on Safari - Packing for Your Tanzania Safari

Gemma Pitcher, author of the new book Safari Living, a celebration of the style of Tanzania's safari camps, shares a few sartorial tips on how to look cool in the bush while on that Tanzania safari holiday...more

Kilimanjaro Mountain of the Gods

Kilimanjaro is one of several volcanoes in central Africa and South America that reach (with a few just topping) 6,000 metres in altitude....more

Kilwa Kisiwani Ruins. The Ancient Port City of East Africa

Kilwa Kisiwane was the principal settlement on the East African coast, settled as far back as the ninth century it first came to power in the 11th century...more

Of Chimps and Men

Mahale Mountains National Park is tucked onto the shores of Lake Tanganyika, the world's longest, second-deepest natural lake, a perfectly clear, dazzlingly blue stretch of water...more

Tanzania - The History of Safari

In East Africa, the concept of safari existed long before the coming of the white man. From the earliest times, caravans of porters carried oil, skins and rhinoceros horn out of the African...more

Tanzania Safari Guide - Southern Tanzania - The Next Big Thing

Tanzania has always relied on its iconic northern circuit to carry its tourism, but with its present economic growth comes a growth in tourism and the...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Bull Fighting in Pemba

Bull fighting takes place in a number of small villages such as Chuale and Kangagani or on Kojani Island. The event draws a big crowd which gathers around the pitch. The bulls are paraded around...more

Tanzania Travel Guide - Mary Leakey - Cigars, Whisky, Dalmatians and Fossils

Mary Leakey has been credited with a range of discoveries that have changed the course of scientific thinking in the field of archaeology and anthropology....more

Tanzania Trip - Tanzania Cultural Tours

For the average tourist, a visit to Tanzania usually involves jetting in for a whistle-stop safari then zipping off to Zanzibar for a few days. But there's more to Tanzania than that. With a culur...more
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