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Botswana safari reviews and travel articles on experiences while on safari tours in Botswana.

Botswana - A Journey of the Spirit

Travellers need not look too far for the ultimate holiday. For me, Botswana delivered in one journey what other worldwide destinations...more

Desert & Water Wonderland

Botswana is a pristine paradis.Botswana safaris offer travellers truly amazing and diverse experiences in pristine environments. explore Botswanas wildlife...more

Experience Botswana for the First Time

Many travellers to Africa want to know where the best place is for a safari, and although each destination has its merits, Botswana ranks top for unique wilderness...more

History of Botswana

For many, the name Botswana conjures up a quintessentially African mosaic: exotic Okavango safari lodges, Chobe National Park, rock art at Tsodilo, the Kalahari...more

On Safari in the Kgalagadi

New Year's Eve, champagne in the cooler box and the summer desert in our sights, but no ice. Empty-handed, we had left Upington's...more

Safari Destinations in Botswana

The Okavango Delta is arguably Botswana's biggest attraction, a fan-shaped wilderness of channels, lagoons and flood plains covering an area...more
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