Eco-Tourism In Botswana

Botswana Eco-tourism information on eco-friendly safari lodges and responsible tourism which does not negatively impact the environment.

A Wildlife Wonderland

The diverse array of wildlife and the natural enviroments in which it is found are the major drawcard for visitors to southern Africa. Botswana...more

Botswana's Seasonal Cycles

Letlhabula (September-October) - The arrival of springtime is confirmed when the migrant bird species begin appearing. Yellow-billed kites and carmine bee-eaters...more

Community Involvement in Promoting Sustainable Tourism

Eco-tourism in Botswana relies on community education, promoting the sustainable utilisation of all natural resources and encouragement...more

Eco-friendly Lodges means Sustainable Tourism

An Eco-friendly lodge will usually aim to hire local people as their staff providing not only income to the community but also increasing their skills....more

Of Desert and Delta. The Geology of the Kalahari

Whether travelling by air or road, anyone visiting the Okavango Delta cannot but be struck by the stark contrast between the arid landscapes...more

Okavango Delta Blues. Ecological and Environmental Concerns

Despite its uniqueness and prominent ecological standing, including being recognised as the planet's largest and most significant Ramsar Wetland Site, the Okavango Delta is afforded no special...more

Out of the Way

So much of Botswana's appeal lies in the wide-open spaces and the fact that there are still so many out-of-the-way places (long may it stay that way). However, rapid growth rates...more

Real Environmental Sustainability. Not just Talk

Siyabona Africa's philosophy on environmental sustainability is based on providing the best possible safari experiences with the least impact on the ecology. Help us conserve this unique wilderness...more

Responsible Travel in Botswana

When planning a holiday to Botswana one needs to be aware of the carbon footprint one is leaving behind while relaxing and enjoying...more
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