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Botswana - is an unrivalled African safari experience. It is our pleasure to invite you to experience the best that Botswana has to offer. We are dedicated to supporting the environmental sustainability efforts of our partner tour and lodge operators.

Our philosophy is based on providing the best possible safari experiences with the least impact on the ecology. So, whether you are a first time visitor to Botswana or a veteran of travel to the continent, help us conserve this unique wilderness. In so doing, you are helping to prove that conserving resources not only makes good economic sense, but also preserves this heritage for future generations.

Policies for Maintaining the Ecology

Every aspect of these operations is monitored in terms of environmental impact, and our partners work hard to maintain high standards of environmental care. For example:
  • food waste is composted on site
  • combustible litter is burnt in a controlled area
  • all glass, plastic and cans are stored in animal proof cages and removed by road to Maun, for re-cycling
  • batteries and waste oil are stored and packaged separately, for removal in the same manner
  • primary waste-water flows into septic tanks and grey water into purpose built soak a-ways.
  • septic tanks are pumped empty by a truck when necessary.
  • energy requirements are met by diesel generators, which are housed in sound-proofed rooms built from fire resistant materials.
  • exhaust from the generators runs through an underground drum in order to reduce emissions.
  • hot water cylinders and kitchen stoves use gas, which is brought to camp by road in 48kg cylinders.
These policies are backed up by an on going training programme that all guides and staff take part in which is run by Veronica Roodt, Botswana specialist and author of several publications including the Shell Moremi and Chobe maps. This training focuses on identification of and interaction between the flora and fauna of the area, as well as conservation ethics within Moremi. Building on their existing knowledge and experience, the courses enhance guide's understanding of the whole Delta eco-system and the uniqueness of the area.We believe that our guests can also play an important role in the conservation of the areas that they visit. The Okavango delta is one of the world's most beautiful and pristine wilderness areas. By visiting here, you are creating employment and economic opportunities for local people, based on the sensitive use of their natural resources.

Your Part in the Plan

Please take care to respect this unique environment during your stay. The guides will help you to make sure any litter is taken back to camp and disposed of properly. Your guide has also been instructed not to drive off the designated roads.

This is a contentious issue within Moremi and over the last few years many new dirt tracks have been established leading to excessive damage and disturbance to local flora and fauna.

It is vital for the sustainability of the area that vehicles keep to the marked routes, this is especially important when taking into accountant any recent heavy rains.

The Department of Wildlife and National Parks view this offense very seriously, and safari guides stand to lose their license, and therefore their livelihood, if they are caught off road. With this in mind, please accept that when a safari guide cannot accommodate your request to drive into a certain location - that the guide is obeying the law.

Helping us to Help You

Please keep noise to a minimum whilst on game drives and boat activities. This not only enhances your enjoyment of the area by allowing closer and more natural sightings, but it also ensures that we cause minimum disruption to the wildlife. By working together to conserve the wildlife areas of Botswana we are ensuring that guests such as yourselves experience an exclusive and undisturbed view of the animals and birds that they see, as well as maintaining the pristine beauty of the area for all future visitors to Botswana.
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