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Best Time to Visit Namibia

Namibia is considered to be a year round destination; however they do have a peak season. It depends what you are coming to see and do...more

Canoe Down the Orange River

The Orange River has a special appeal as not only is the canoe trip great fun, but you get to search for diamonds, climb rocky peaks and indulge in fabulous river food...more

Cruising the Cunene River in Namibia

Crocodiles and rapids, makalani palms and waterfalls. These are just some of the attractions of the Cunene River expedition. Travel to northern Namibia and explore Etosha National Park before...more

Into the Great Wide Open of Namibia

We're on the Kulala nature drive, an off-road excursion through some of the most spectacular scenery in the Sossusvlei vicinity. The towering sand dunes for which the area is famous are some dista...more

Isles of Dead Ned

The Isles of Dead Ned lie off the west coast of Namibia, barren, lonely and unknown – but achingly beautiful in their loneliness. They were once the scenes of great ....more

Just Desert? Not in Namibia.

Trek along the Dorsland trail northwards into Namibia and you are bound to discover a lot more than just desert. Jacques Marais explored this vast country and found a veritable playground brimming...more

Namibia Safari - Extreme Landscapes

Namibia is unlike any other country in Africa, with vast and ancient landscapes and the world’s oldest desert, the Namib, it also has the Big Game Africa is famous for...more

Namibia Travel Article - Duwisib Castle

Positioned in the southern reaches of the Namib Desert on a hill overlooking all that surrounds it, Duwisib Castle is one of Namibia’s more fascinating landmarks...more

National Parks of Namibia

African safari , Untarnished wilderness, horizons that expand to infinity, abundant wildlife and the inimitable Namib - a moist coastal desert hosting a range of hauntingly beautiful landscapes and spectacular geo...more

Of Felines and Fences - Kavita Lion Lodge, Namibia

Cattle-farmers turned conservationists, Tammy and Uwe Hoth have turned their 9 000 hectare farm over to 1 000 head of game including Oryx and Hartmann's Mountain ebra. Kavita is also home to a...more

Sand Lover - A Namibia Road Trip

The immense thatched Twyfelfontein Country Lodge is dwarfed by the giant glowing rocks that crowd around this building, which is as well camouflaged as the geckos that climb its stony walls...more

Sight-seeing in Namibia

Namibia's arid south offers travellers a string of dream desert destinations . Jacques Marais explored this ancient land of contrasts to discover a country where the Rand will still buy you a full...more

Simply Caprivating. Namibia Caprivi Strip

In stark contrast to the better-known badlands of the Namib desert, the river-rich Caprivi is a Namibian oasis. The Zambezi, Kwando, Linyanti and Chobe rivers sustain 183 000 subsistence farmers...more

Skeletons in the Sand. Namibia’s spectacular landscapes and wealth of wildlife

A country of colour, contrast and space, Namibia is a photographers dream. Spectacular landscapes and a wealth of wildlife make this desert destination a place not to be missed. Jeremy Jowell...more

The Waterberg National Park - An Arresting Place

In Namibia, towns are few and far between. 'Town' is too strong a word perhaps for the isolated pockets of civilization that cling to the fraying edges of the Namib desert. However, Otjiwaronga...more

Travelling in Namibia - Desert Delights

Immersed in the magical desert landscape and the comfortable efficiency of the camp, most guests never realise the commitment that created what the WWF rates as Namibia's most successful community...more

Twyfelfontein Rock Art - Damaraland, North - West Namibia

Damaraland is home to one of the oldest cultural groups in the country. Unlike the painted rock art elsewhere in Southern Africa, stone was both the medium and the method...more
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