Namibia Destination Guide

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The people, the rivers, the national parks of Namibia. It's all here in our Namibia Travel Guide. See what goes on in Caprivi, Fish River Canyon, Damaraland, Sossusvlei and more unique Namibia destinations.

Best Time to Visit Namibia

Namibia is considered to be a year round destination; however they do have a peak season. It depends what you are coming to see and do...more

Namibia Travel Guide

Namibia is vast, even in African terms, and is full of extraordinary landscapes, unique people, big vistas and lots of sunshine. Plus of cou...more

Caprivi Strip - Namibia

The Caprivi is a strange strip of land in the north east of Namibia, created not by traditional tribal boundaries, but at the whim of coloni...more

Kunene Province - Namibia

This unforgiving land is home to only the hardiest of people, yet the inhabitants of Kaokoland are the most beautiful people in Sub-Saharan ...more

The Etosha Pan - Namibia

The Ovambo name - Etosha - means 'place of dry water' or 'huge white area' depending who you ask. Either way it aptly describes the vast sha...more

Fish River Canyon - Namibia

The spectacular Fish River Canyon (second only in grandeur to USA's Grand Canyon), is so vast that your eyes cannot cope with the full view ...more

Kalahari Desert - Namibia

The Kalahari in south-east Namibia is an area of ancient red dunes scattered with grass and low bush and umbrella-shaped Camelthorn trees. I...more

Sossusvlei and Namib Desert - Namibia

Sossusvlei's rich orange sea of sand dunes is one of the most astounding sights in the world. They are the highest sand dunes in the world. ...more

Waterberg Plateau - Namibia

Much of Namibia is flat scrubland, which is occasionally broken by oddly eroded hills and peaks. However, nothing prepares you for the sight...more

Damaraland - A Rugged and Beautiful Landscape

Damaraland is a region of rolling plains and distant mountain ranges with rugged beautiful landscapes. Damaraland is an unusual geological f...more

Kaokoland - Home of the Rural Himba People

Kaokoland, home of the Himba ethnic group, who have kept their ethnic individuality and culture in the seclusion of Kaokoland. Kaokoland is ...more
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