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Etosha and Sossusvlei

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Namibia is like no other place on earth! Situated on the haunting west coast of southern Africa the country exhibits the most dramatic landscapes on the African continent.

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The Namib, the world's oldest desert, has the highest sand dunes on earth. Seemingly barren the desert nonetheless teems with life. And such is the fascinating country that is Namibia. A land of unique plants and even stranger animals - an adaptation to their harsh environment - Namibia stands alone in Africa for its desert diversity.

From beetles that stand bottoms-up on the tops of the dunes to collect water to snakes that bury themselves in the sands of the desert to ambush passing life Namibia is a must for those looking for a unique wilderness experience.

But Namibia is also big game country. Etosha National Park in the north is a wildlife paradise. Cradling a vast salt pan the park hosts a great diversity of wildlife. During the rainy season the wildlife disperses but the salt pan attracts hundreds of thousand of flamingoes that arrive to breed in the pan.In the drier reaches of the north elephants and rhinos that have adapted to desert conditions offer a unique insight into animal adaptation. Called desert elephants and rhinos these creatures are a drawcard for this supposedly barren region.The haunting coast of Namibia, known as the Skeleton Coast due to the number of shipwrecks littering its shores, has the highest concentrations of fur seals in Africa and lions and elephants are known to moving back into this desolate region.In the far north-east of the country is the wild and beautiful Caprivi Strip. Part of Namibia due to a political blunder the Caprivi has in the past been very volatile but is now settling into one of Namibia's main attractions.For an African safari vacation with a difference - but with the regulatory big game included - Namibia is the destination. Africa's most spectacular landscapes, unusual creatures and great game viewing will ensure that Namibia does not disappoint even the most experienced safari-goers.
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