Namibia Self-Drive Guide

If you are planning to tour Namibia independently and self-drive, here are some things you need to know about roads and open desert driving. If you are not familiar with driving in loose sand, Here's where you need to start.

Namibia Self-Drive Tips

Although Namibia is one of the best countries to self-drive due to the good road infrastructure and availability of fuel and spares...more

Namibia Self-Drive Rules

Namibia is the ultimate self-drive destination. It is as easy as getting in your car and driving off into the distance. However there are a ...more

Why Hire a 4 x 4 Camper in Namibia

Why hire a camper in Namibia ? There is a great sense of freedom on the open road in a vast and ruggedly beautiful landscape and being able ...more

Fully Equipped 4x4 Camping Vehicle

Enjoy the absolute freedom of a Namibia self-drive camping safari in a fully equipped 4 x 4 camping vehicle. The Camping Equipped vehicle co...more

Namibia Self-Drive Standard 4 x 4 Vehicle Hire

These standard 4x4 vehicles come with extras that you may require for off-road driving on your Namibia self-drive safari. Getting around Nam...more

Why Driving a 4x4 is Vital in Namibia

For a real Namibia adventure, and for the best way to experience the vast and scenic beauty of the country, there is no other way than by 4x...more
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