Why Hire a 4 x 4 Camper in Namibia

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There is a great sense of freedom on the open road in a vast and ruggedly beautiful landscape and being able to set your own route and time adds to the feeling. And Namibia is the perfect country to experience the freedom of the open road and wide spaces.

With a selection of spectacular attractions and campsites Namibia offers much for the self-drive visitor. Pitching camp under the night skies, where the stars shine brighter than anywhere else, is and experience of a lifetime. But what is the best vehicle for this great adventure?

The Camper Vehicle Experience

Campers, which come in a selection of styles and sizes, are ideally suited for the long distances of Namibia. With storage for all supplies, dry rations and fresh food, they are almost like homes on wheels. The vehicles are fully equipped with camping chairs, a table and a complete kitchen set for up to 4 people. There is a gas cooker, a gas light, 2 gas bottles, a barbecue (braai) set, a water can and a storage box.The Double cab 4x4 campers offer 2 roof tents with foam mattresses; the single cab version offer 1 roof tent with foam mattresses. Namibia 4x4 camper travelers can enjoy an ice cold beer in the Namib Desert heat as all vehicles have a fridge or freezer installed. Satellite phones, detailed roadmaps of Namibia and info packages are also available on request.A Namibia Camper holiday is the perfect vehicle for a family holiday as it has all the practical comforts for the whole family and the storage space for the extra little things that members of the family need to make the trip more enjoyable. Experiencing the wilderness and other highlights as a family adds to the experience.Camper vans are surprisingly suited for couples wanting to get away from it all and experience intimacy and privacy. The huge and spectacular landscapes have an unusual way of bringing couples closer together - maybe it is the shared sense of awe - and the evenings around a campfire under the stars of the African night have no equal when it comes to intimacy.

Camper Vans - travel for all seasons

A home away from home or merely a home on the road is what the camper van experience is all about and Namibia is the perfect destination to experience this once in a lifetime holiday.Find out more about Namibia self-drive camper hire
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