Namibia Self-Drive Rules

When choosing a self-drive destination for a travel holiday in Africa look no further than Namibia, a land of spectacular scenery, pristine wilderness, excellent infrastructure and unlike anywhere else in Africa.

Although it does have its share of big game Namibia is more about space and landscapes, a place where you could travel forever without getting bored - and a Namibia self-drive holiday is the best way to experience it all. It is as easy as getting in your car and driving off into the distance, but there are a number of things to be taken into account before setting out on your journey - a number of Namibia self-drive rules and do's and dont's.

Although the roads in Namibia are good the distances are long and it can be easy to under-estimate how tired you are. Often it is the case where drivers lose concentration on good roads as they feel they do not have to concentrate as much.

The Do's of Namibia Self-Drive

  • Obey the rules of the road at all times
  • Keep to designated routes - even if tempted by others to go off route
  • Only light fires in designated areas
  • Only camp in designated areas - although some place seem barren they are ecologically important
  • Fill up with fuel wherever available - even if the tank is half full as you never know when you will get again
  • Make sure you have enough water at all times - Namibia is a hot and dry country
  • Respect others at all times

The Don'ts of Namibia Self-Drive

  • Don't drive off road - even if others are doing it
  • Don't drive when tired
  • Don't drive under the influence of alcohol
  • Don't speed - rather be late
  • Don't litter - throw rubbish away in bins (this includes peels and cores as animals quickly get used to been fed and soon become a problem)
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