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Frequently asked questions about Malawi safaris and tours are answered in this FAQ article.

What is the typical group size of the tours and safaris?

Trips to Malawi can be of any size. However, when it comes to tours and overland safaris the numbers can be anything from 6 to 18 people. Please take note that the lodges do not accommodate large numbers of people at a time, most of them are private and well situated in the bush for a personalised experience.

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Do I have to go as part of a tour group or can I travel independently?

Malawi is a friendly and safe holiday destination. Our Siyabona destination specialists can create a tailor-made itinerary to suite your individual needs and budget. Travelling on your own terms gives you more freedom and flexibility to enjoy leisure activities at your ease.

What is the general fitness level of tours and safaris?

The general fitness requirements depend on what activities you want get involved in while in Malawi. For walking safaris, one should have a generally good fitness level, as the landscape changes over 3 days or more. For normal bush walks, such as those conducted at a lodge, as long as you can walk with ease, you will find them most enjoyable.

What kind of clothes should I pack for my trip to Malawi?

In Malawi there are no dress expectations, but formal establishments might request men to wear ties. Bathing wear and skimpy clothing should be worn only at beach resorts and pools. In the streets please dress appropriately. On safari wear neutral clothing; in the bush you should not wear bright colours for safety reasons, as they attract the animal's attention.Please bring a hat, not just a cap and sun block as the African sun can be extremely fierce. Also bring a good sturdy pair of walking shoes. For cooler times of the year, make sure to bring a sweater and a wind breaker as it gets quite cold on game drives.
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