Cape Maclear
Diving in a Natural Aquarium

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Located on the banks of the magnificent 600 kilometre long Lake Malawi, in the east of Malawi, Cape Maclear is known for its magnificent setting, secluded beaches and tranquil holiday atmosphere.

Situated on the banks of Lake Malawi, Cape Maclear is Malawi's version of Cape Town's Camps Bay strip or Greece's Mykonos and is the busiest and most popular tourist destinations in the country. Picture soft white sandy beaches, crystal clear azure waters lapping the shores, bright blue sky and a buzzing beachside atmosphere and you will be picturing Cape Maclear.In true African sense, the idyllic is melded with the practical and the fresh water beach, located near to the local village; ChembeVillage is also used by the locals as a place for the children to play and for the family to swim.

Luxury Resorts

Cape Maclear lodges including Mumbo Island and Domwe Island located on the beach maintain designated spaces in front of their establishments where sun loungers are arranged and the beaches are swept daily to ensure the visitors remain in the utmost comfort.

Lazy, Sun-filled Days

Roll out of bed and lazily wander across lawn and onto the beach or spend an entire day lazing about in a hammock soaking up the sun's rays while reading a good book, all this and more awaits when you visit the tranquil oasis of Cape Maclear. Meals consist of freshly caught seafood lovingly prepared by local fishermen served up in bustling resort restaurants for you to enjoy.

A World Heritage Site

Part of the Lake Malawi National Park, Cape Maclear is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the world's first freshwater nature reserve, protecting hundreds of species of tropical fish. It is therefore not surprising that Cape Maclear and the nearby islands of Mumbo Island just 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) and Domwe Island; 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) away are popular diving sites.After a day spent snorkelling, kayaking or sunbathing, lazy afternoons can be whiled away enjoying a cocktail and watching the sunset from one of the local lounges or bars or enjoying a sunset cruise across the lake on a catamaran.

by Katie Edge
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