Malawi Wildlife

Malawi may not be known as Big Five country, but still has fantastic game viewing from large herds of Elephant, pods of Hippo, Crocodile through to the Big Five. Malawi is also known for its amazing variety of fish and fantastic birdlife.

Can I see the Big Five in Malawi

Yes you can see the Big Five in Malawi. The Big Five is made up of Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Black Rhino. Liwonde National Park is currently the only park in Malawi which has all the Big Five. Most of the parks have Elephant. Black Rhino can be seen at Liwonde and Majete. Leopards are widespread, but are elusive. The best place to see them is Nyika National Park.

What smaller cats can be seen?

There are several small cats that can be seen. Civets, beautifully spotted Servals and Genets are common throughout the national parks

What antelope are found in Malawi?

Buffalo and Zebra are common in many of the national parks, Waterbuck, Sable, Roan, Hartebeest, Impala, Kudu, Bushbuck, Grysbok, Klipspringer, Eland and the world's smallest antelope, the Grey Duiker can all be found. Lengwi National Park is the best place to see the rare Livingstones Suni and Nyala.

Where is the best diving?

Lake Malawi is world renowned for its fresh water diving. Some of the best diving is to be had around Cape Mclear in the Lake Malawi National Park which is one of the first freshwater national parks in the world. Bird Island, Mumbo Island and Domwe Island are also known to be great spots for diving.

What fish can I see?

Lake Malawi has the most diverse range of fish species of any lake in the world - more than all of the United States and Europe combined. There are over 500 different species of brightly coloured Cichilds alone. Colourful Mbuna are popular with divers as well as fishermen. There are also Lake Salmon, Tilapia, Catfish and Tiger Fish and Mpasa.

What birds can I see in Malawi?

Malawi has some of the best birding in the world. There are over 650 different species of birds in Malawi found across the diverse landscapes. Some reserves have over 200 species of birds and you can often spot over 50 species in a single day. Rare species include the Livingstone Flycatcher and Lillian's Lovebirds.

Lake Malawi attracts large amounts of birdlife, and guests are sure to never be out of sight or hearing of the African Fish Eagle. The lake is well known for its many Cormorants and Herons. Kingfishers and Pelicans are also common. There are also many migrant water birds that pass through.

What Raptors can I see in Malawi?

There are many common raptors, kestrels and vultures in Malawi, which include African Marsh Harriers and the Black Breasted Snake Eagle.
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