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Staying at Zambia safari lodges offers allows one to enjoy one of Africa's most exciting safari destination! Previously known only amongst hardened safari-goers Zambia is now excelling as southern Africa's premier wildlife safari region.

Previously Zambia was known by its association with the renowned Victoria Falls - with few intrepid travellers venturing into the game parks. This is changing rapidly however, and names such as South Luangwa and Kafue are being mentioned in the same breath as the other iconic African safari names.

Besides the adrenaline-inducing pursuits offered in Africa's adventure capital of Victoria Falls, Zambia is renowned for its walking safaris - with aficionados generally agreeing that the country offers the ultimate in walking safaris.

Luangwa Valley and Kafue National Park Safari Lodges are the jewels in the wild life crown, offering unbelievable game viewing. However, it must be remembered that game viewing at Zambia safari lodges is seasonal with the best time to visit being the dry winter and early summer months from April through to October. In the rainy season many of the roads become impassable, although the rainy season is a great time for birders.

Other wildlife parks in Zambia include Lower Zambezi National Park, North Lungwa and Lochinvar National Parks. The lack of funding for development in the past have ensured that guests today can get the feel of untouched Africa when visiting Zambia's parks.

Besides walking safaris and game viewing - and the excitement of Victoria Falls - Zambia offers canoeing safaris on the Zambezi River where you are accompanied by some of the highest concentrations of hippo and crocodile in Africa. Experienced river guides ensure your safe passage during this unique safari adventure.

For great game viewing, unique river safaris, the wildest adventure activities on the continent and the best in walking safaris - coupled with one of the world's natural wonders - then Zambia safari lodges offer it all.

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