Lewa Wilderness
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya

Lewa wilderness Farm House is set on the northern foothills of Mount Kenya. Visitors have access to a scenically spectacular area of this Kenya game lodge.
  • Lewa works very hard towards wildlife conservation
  • The chefs at Lewa prepare fresh and delicious meals
  • You have an option of staying in a tent or in a cottage
  • Enjoy a cultural safari and visit a Maasai village

Situated on the northern foothills of Mount Kenya, this Kenya lodging is set on the 45, 000 acre privately owned Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Lewa Downs. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is a pioneer in wildlife preservation, which has gained a reputation for extending benefits of conservation beyond its borders.

All income generated by this Kenya lodging goes directly towards Lewa's conservation and community projects. One of Kenya's major private conservation successes at the foot of Mount Kenya, Lewa Downs, has been the Craig family home since 1924 when the Craig grandparents came from England and began herding cattle.

Educational activities with the Maasai include educational talks on the history and the day to day operation of the conservancy, visit a pre-historic site and game hides.

Rhino is the core of the conservation programme, especially the Black Rhinos, while staing at Lewa. The Grevy's Zebra is a critical species for global conservation, which is abundant on Lewa, the numbers have greatly declined in unprotected areas, and it is now globally threatened. The Sitatunga, a spectacular aquatic antelope - are extremely rare in Kenya, a great effort has been made to safeguard their future.

Lewa Predators:

These include Cheetah, Lion, Leopard, Hyaena, and rare visits by Wild Dogs. Lewa is rich in wildlife with densities as high as anywhere in Africa. As a result Lewa, Kenya game lodge often participates in the translocation of animals to neighbouring conservation areas and National Parks.

Rescue and Treatment:

Lewa is very often called upon to help and support the various dealings with the emergencies of wildlife because of its expertise and experience. Orphaned wildlife is assisted at Lewa, until they can be released back into the wild. Lewa has also been an important refuge for Elephant. Several herds use Lewa as part of their home range.

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