5 Top Zambia Safari Experiences

© Elephants passing by at Mfuwe Lodge

A Zambian Safari can consist of a kaleidoscope of experiences but here are 5 favourites for you to have a look at! Each one has something unique and different to offer and in some cases you will visit pristine and remote destinations where you won't see another tourist...

The Ride of your Life

Enjoy spectacular views from the back of your Elephant and get close to wildlife in a new and exciting way in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Livingstone! Elephant Back Rides offer a remarkable glimpse into the life of these giants of the bush.

You'll interact with your Elephant in a personalised way and come to understand his or her character traits. On dawn and dusk safaris you will ride into the bush with the Elephant herd and accompanying handlers and guides, stopping here and there so that the Elephants can feed, rest and even bathe in the river. It's a great adventure and an unforgettable experience.

Walk with Kings

Walks with Lions - who would have thought this was even possible? Well, it is and many visitors to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Livingstone are enjoying this incredible experience with the King of the Beasts and going home with amazing memories. On this adventure you will be part of a unique system of training for young Lions that are ready to be released into the wild.

You'll set off with the youngsters and their training crew on a walk in the bush, observing how the Lions play and hunt together. During rest periods you can enjoy photo sessions and watch their interaction with each other. By taking part you will contribute to a worthy cause which ethically reintroduces the offspring of captive-bred African Lions back into the wild.

On Foot in the Wild

There is no better way to explore the bush and track game than on a Walking Safari. Every one of your senses will be fully engaged and you'll learn many fascinating details about the bush. Your expert guides will take you on an adventure in the wilderness where each sight, sound and scent takes on new meaning.

Walking Safaris can be half day excursions from your base camp or take place over a number of days with overnights at different camps along the way. The authentic Walking Safari originated in the South Luangwa National Park where it is still a highly sought after activity today, but it can actually be enjoyed at a number of destinations in Zambia.

Tranquillity on the Water

Zambia has a selection of mighty waterways which are ideal for relaxing Canoeing Safaris. This is an exceptional safari activity and one of the best ways to view game. You can set off on guided half day excursions from camp or take the plunge and go for a canoe adventure over a number of days with overnights at various camps along the river.

The Upper Zambezi River near Livingstone is great for canoe trips in conjunction with Victoria Falls activities, while the Lower Zambezi offers an incredible stretch of river through a wonderful wildlife corridor between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Through the Lens

Whether you enjoy spotting birdlife with binoculars or capturing images of wildlife on camera, Zambia has just the place for you! You can join highly personalised safaris with other like-minded travellers and learn all you can about your particular field of interest.

The birdlife in Zambia is amazing and you can spot many sought after species with the aid of a trained guide - popular destinations include South Luangwa, Lochinvar and the Bangwelu Swamps. For excellent photographic safaris and workshops, South Luangwa is a hotspot and the site of many international documentaries and films on wildlife.

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