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Please note - In recent years there has been concern over the possible abuse of Elephants used in Elephant-back safari tours. Siyabona Africa no longer offers Elephant back safaris - opting for Elephant interaction and educational tours instead.

Meet the Elephants

What strikes you first about your Elephant encounter is the immense size and strength of these giants of the bush. The adults display a quiet demeanour and measured movements while the younger ones gambol about, exploring and playing.

You'll meet and greet the herd and be able to feel their amazing trunks. When you are introduced to the Elephant you will ride, you'll discover his or her personality and character in a very personal way which is quite moving. When you connect with the herd you'll get a sense of their innate wisdom and intelligence.

The herd's bonds with each other are all important - how they communicate and interact with one another is fascinating. The herd is led by the most experienced female.

On Safari

There is something majestic about sitting on the back of an Elephant. You can really see your surroundings over some distance from such a height. For all their bulk and strength, the Elephants can silently move through the bush.

In fact, one of the most notable features of being in the wilderness is that you become attuned to the quiet, with only your breathing and the voices of others being the most audible at first. If you encounter other wildlife your scent will be masked by your Elephant which means you can pass by unnoticed and get a good look at the game.

Along the walk you can enjoy views of wonderful scenery. The African bushveld varies from dense forest to open grasslands. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets will be unforgettable as you amble along in this expansive landscape. While on your Elephant Back Safari you'll be able to watch the herd interact with the group and the handlers, eat, play and even swim in the river. Even if only for a short while, you'll be part of a unique inner circle.

Where to Go

Guided Elephant Back Safaris take place in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Livingstone, which is on the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls. The safaris set off in the very early morning and again in the late afternoon. There is a number of rest stops en-route and the safaris take a few hours to complete. This park is home to a wide variety of wildlife but there are no predators, so the animals are quite relaxed and easily seen.

Elephant Safari Package

See our Elephant Safari in Zambia holiday package.

Please note Siyabona Africa does not include Elephant back safaris in our Zambia safari tours or package holidays.
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