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Regional information and tips on the best Kenya safari destinations in Kenya and what makes them so special. Read more about top destinations including Masai Mara, Amboseli, Great Rift Valley, Tsavo and more...

Amboseli National Park - Kenya Safari Guide

Amboseli is postcard Africa – possibly providing Africa’s most famous image. Beyond the image, however, lies the story of Africa in the 21st...more

Amboseli National Park Guide

The recognisable photograph of elephants wandering across grass plains backed by the snowy peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, encompasses everything that is desirable about safari...more

Great Rift Valley Guide

There can be no geographical feature on earth that affects the environment around it more than the Great Rift Valley running along the eastern side...more

Kenya Beaches and Islands

Previously only Mombasa and Lamu were known to the world as beach holiday destinations but in recent years more areas on the Kenya mainland have opened...more

Kenya National Parks

Read about Kenya National Parks including Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Aberdare National Park and Tsavo National Park...more

Kenya Safari Guide - Masai Mara

Even though the herds of the great migration are in the Mara for a relatively short period of time the wildlife viewing in the Masai Mara is phenomenal...more

Kenya Safari Guide - Samburu National Park

The Samburu region in Northern Kenya demonstrates the movement of wildlife through the seasons better than any other African safari destination.....more

Kenya Safari Guide - Tsavo National Park

Tsavo is made up of two national parks Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park, each having unique and distinguishing features...more

Kenya Safari Guide to Laikipia Plateau

The Laikipia Plateau is divided into a patchwork of ranches - each an enormous size - many of which in the early 1990's, turned from farming to wildlife and formed the Laikipia Wildlife Forum...more

Kenya Safari Guide to Nairobi

In the days of the great white hunters and Hollywood-style safaris Nairobi was the prologue of all safaris. Guide to Nairobi, what to do, where to stay...more

Kenyan Coastal Highlights

There is nothing like finishing off a busy Kenay safari with some sunbathing on soft white sand or scuba diving in clear warm Indian Ocean water. Many people choose to head for Kenya's coast...more

Lake Nakuru and Natron - The Sea of Pink Flamingos

It’s a wondrous sight – at least a million Flamingos gathered together to create the surging ‘pink seas’ of the Great Rift Valley. Lake Nakuru and Lake Natron are members of an exclusive group of soda lakes that...more

Lake Turkana - The Jade Sea

ake Turkana in Kenya's Great Rift Valley has an allure for intrepid travellers that is hard to resist. European aristocracy, British royalty, journalists and adventurers have visited the Jade Sea and marvelled at its unique features....more

Lake Victoria - Kenyas Inland Sea

This magnificent lake is not only the source of the Nile, but is also the largest body of fresh water in Africa, and second largest in the world after Lake Superior. It is bigger than many countrie...more

Mount Kenya and The Aberdares

When a German missionary in 1833 reported a snow-capped mountain just 10 miles south of the equator, everybody thought he was quite mad. It still sounds absurd but it is true. Its existence was...more

The Great Rift Valley - Kenya Safari Guide

About twenty million years ago, Africa was cleaved by great subterranean forces. The result was The Great Rift Valley, which separates the grass plains of East Africa...more

Tomb Raider - Exploring the Gedi Ruins

The mysterious Gedi Ruins near Malindi in Kenya suggest a thriving Swahili city was once located within a dense indigenous forest, however there is no...more

Tsavo and Chyulu Hills - Kenya

The main Nairobi to Mombasa road together with the infamous 'Lunatic Railway Line', cut the two parks of Tsavo East and Tsavo West neatly in half. Tsavo and the adjacent Chyulu Hills, cover a...more
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