Things You Learn About Yourself on Safari

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Embarking on a safari holiday in Botswana where African wildlife roams freely, across floodplains and open savannahs, will teach you a lot about yourself. Here are 7 things you will learn about yourself while on safari.

Travelling, to any destination for any length of time, whether you are travelling on your own, with a friend or loved one or your entire family, is guaranteed to teach you a few things about yourself. Here is a list of the 7 Things we believe you learn about yourself when you embark on a safari adventure.

1) You are more patient than you give yourself credit for.

Once you have decided to book and pay for your exciting safari holiday to Botswana, you will need to wait a few weeks or a few months before departing, this wait teaches you that you are more patient that you realise. Once the exciting day arrives there is then even more waiting as you head to the airport, wait for your flight, sit on your flight for hours on end and eventually disembark the plane. All this waiting and patience could be put to good use, however; if you take the time to learn about Botswana, its history, people and their culture.

2) You have basic needs and wants

Everyone has basic needs and wants, and as you get older those needs and wants may change. When you are 18 your basic needs and wants may simply be a bed, a bathroom and the occasional shower, but as you get older you find you require a little more luxury and comfort.

Different reasons for travel may also teach you about your different needs and wants; the style of safari you choose for your honeymoon may be very different to the one you choose for your entire family to enjoy. Different safari packages help you to tailor make your safari experience, to ensure all your requirements are met.

3) It is good to slow down occasionally

In the busy world that we live in it is difficult to sometime realise how frantic our thoughts, words and reactions can become. Travelling teaches you to slow down and experience things as they happen and a safari excursion will teach you to slow down even more, as you can never rush an Elephant across the road, or force a Lion to get up and move out of his hiding spot.

4) You are smaller and more vulnerable than you think

When you are sitting on a mokoro boat, floating gracefully along on the water and an Elephant wanders down to the river bank for a drink of water, you will learn very quickly, that you are much smaller than you think you are. Embarking on an Elephant Back Safari through the bush or experiencing an Elephant encounter is a wonderful way to experience the power and agility of these magnificent gentle giants.

5) Nature can take your breath away

Spending time in the African bush, surrounded by all the incredible beauty and variety found within the African wilderness has an almost magical power to it. The grace and fluidity of a Cheetah hunting or a pack of Wild Dogs running has a way of providing a new sense of perspective on the world, ensuring you leave with a greater understanding of nature and your surroundings than you ever had before.

6) You should wear more sunscreen and more bug repellent

There is nothing worse than being sun burnt. Not only is it incredibly bad for you and it can lead to cancer, it is also incredibly uncomfortable. The African sun it hot and harsh, applying a high factor sunscreen on a regularly basis will save you from discomfort in the future. The same applies to bug spray. Mosquito and bug bites can be very irritating and it is advisable that you travel with a citronella based bug spray and an anti-itch cream.

7) You do not need to carry as much as you think you do

While packing for your safari adventure you may find yourself filling a huge bag with every item of clothing you can possibly imagine you might at some point need. A lesson you will learn while on safari is that you never need as much as you think you do. A smaller bag with less clothing will suffice, and it will lower your carbon footprint while travelling.

This lesson can be extrapolated out into other areas of your life. When you meet some of the Botswana locals and learn about their culture and way of life, you may notice how much less they seem to need on a day to day basis.

Less is more. Remember that as you return home.

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