Botswana Wildlife Photography

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Botswana is home to an impressive diversity of wildlife, plantlife and birdlife. There is more than 30 species of mammals, including Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Wild Dog and Spotted Hyena.

Wildlife Photo-Opportunities Galore

The permanent water of the Okavango also attracts masses of game and birdlife. Botswana boasts over 550 species of birds due to the range of natural habitats. In the Okavango alone, there are more than 450 bird species.A typical 'point and shoot' camera is not sufficient in the bush. A better option is a 35mm SLR (single lens reflex) camera with an interchangeable lens. A 25-70mm lens is ideal for landscapes, a zoom 70-210mm lens for moving objects and an 80-200mm lens for wildlife photography.

For the more serious photographers, a 400-500mm telephoto lens will work well, although a large lens might require a tripod, which cannot be used on the moving vehicle. A 2X teleconverter is useful to double the focal length of your lens.

You ought to pack rechargeable batteries, a charger, adaptors and converter, and some spare memory card, as these items are not available in the bush.

Be Aware

Please note that Botswana locals might not be as comfortable with cameras as you are. Rural people are often shy, although some may even request a fee in order for you to photograph them.

Also, not that you might want to, do not photograph any government or military building and installations, including soldiers, police and police buildings, post offices, banks, airports, border posts and railway stations.


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