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© Walking safari at Nsefu Camp with Robin Pope

On a mobile safari in Zambia you'll explore different places and discover the changing landscape as you travel - there is a sense of movement with purpose, freedom and joy in variety. Very quickly you'll feel the rhythm of Africa as you follow remote trails deep in the bush.

Discover the Rhythm of Africa

Mobile safaris offer a very personal interaction with nature - you'll be at grassroots level, close to the earth and able to truly appreciate small luxuries in the middle of nowhere. Away from city smog, lights and noise you can let go of it all and just enjoy the moment. Each stop along the route has its own appeal and offers unique experiences.

On walking safaris in particular you will find yourself fully immersed in the sights, sounds and scents of nature as you follow unmarked routes in the wild. Hidden details that are overlooked on game drives reveal themselves and you will learn many things. No 2 days will be the same and you'll be able to share your insights round the campfire with a few fellow adventurers from all over the world.

The average number of guests on a mobile safari in Zambia is between 6 and 10, especially in the remote regions. This makes for an intimate adventure where you can all interact directly with your guide. Personalised mobile safaris are known for their spontaneous diversions and ability to mould to the interests of the group.

Mobile Tented Safari

Guests and their guide are transported from area to area, or there may be some walking and / or canoeing between stopovers. Typically these safaris take place in the dry season, so that vehicles can get to remote areas, but Emerald season safaris can also be arranged, although this would include accommodation at established camps that are open at this time.

Activities usually include walking safaris, game drives, river adventures, fishing, tours and also cultural village visits.

The luxury option is fully attended and the group is usually small. Friendly camp staff see to the setting up and taking down of the overnight camps and all camp duties. Guests simply relax and enjoy all the guided activities which unfold each day, knowing that their next lunch stop and overnight camp will be set up and ready when they arrive.

The participatory option is a more informal safari where guests help out with setting up camp (including tents) and various duties such as food preparation or washing up may be required. Most equipment is supplied although guests may have to bring their own sleeping bags. Generally, everyone travels together in a fully equipped custom safari vehicle from place to place.

Mobile Walking Safaris

The group size on these safaris is generally kept small, about 6 people on average. Guests essentially walk with their guide between the selected areas and a certain distance needs to be covered each day to reach the next stopover. These safaris are usually fully attended with everything provided. Some mobile walking safaris do not carry a single supplement fee which makes them very popular with solo visitors. Authentic walking safaris always have a highly qualified guide and an armed scout.

Activities usually focus on daily walks and game viewing. Game drives and other activities are available at established camps.

Mobile walking options - on the most common guided safaris, guests set off with a day pack while their main luggage is transferred by the back-up vehicle. The lunch stops / camps are set up ahead of time to be ready for their arrival.

Alternately, guests are guided between established camps, following a circuit and staying in each camp for 1 or 2 nights before moving on. On some guided walking safaris, participants and porters carry everything they require for very basic overnight camping under the stars in certain areas.


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