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The following topics are covered for your information:
  • Lodges & Accommodation
  • Travelling between lodges
  • What is included in your stay?
  • The Safari experience
  • Safari guides & staff
  • Travelling with children
  • Our responsibilities
  • Your safety
  • Health care precautions
  • Baggage Restrictions

Lodges and Accommodation

All these lodges are small and exclusive, and some of them are located in private concession areas only accessed in our operators own vehicles or aircraft. Most of these properties accommodate a maximum of between 16 and 24 people. The largest property, Chobe Game Lodge, is the only permanent lodge built within the Chobe National Park and has 46 rooms - a superb property for a management conference with a difference or an incentive group.

Despite the remote locations of these lodges, all rooms (and in some cases luxury safari tents), have the comforts one would expect from a modern hotel - en suite bathrooms, walk in showers, flush toilets, and in some cases, air conditioned rooms. Where air conditioning is not available, overhead fans.

Our aim is to make your stay as comfortable as possible so such amenities as tea/coffee making facilities in the rooms and hair dryers are provided for. Each lodge is very different and we are able to offer a choice of tented or brick and thatch accommodation depending on your preference.Most lodges rely on generator power and 12 volt batteries for lighting at night, but in some cases there is permanent power via underground cables. Whatever the case, the chances are that you won't even notice!

What is Included in Your Stay?

One of the great things about staying at these lodges is that all our rates are fully inclusive, offering excellent value. Included in our accommodation rates are all game activities (whether they be by vehicle, on foot, in a mokoro or a power boat), meals (buffet breakfasts/lunches and à la carte dinners), drinks with meals (soft drinks, local wines and beer), national park fees, laundry and medical evacuation insurance.

Your Unique Botswana Safari Experience

 While staying at these lodges, everything is focussed around the best game viewing times, specific to each lodge. Days start very early, sometimes at sunrise and often finish late in the evening. his is to utilize the best times to view game - so often the middle part of the day is free for relaxation which is why all lodges have swimming or plunge pools with sun decks.

All our lodges are also equipped with well stocked libraries and bars, and comfortable lounges to relax in.

Smoking is not permitted in safari vehicles or boats, or on game walks. Nor is it permitted inside you chalet, tent, lodge room or suite. Smoking is allowed in designated sections of the lodges.

A Typical Day on Safari

06h00 Wake up call

06h15 Early morning tea/coffee and a light breakfast consisting of fruit, yoghurt, toast, and cereals all served with freshly brewed coffee and tea.

06h30 (+/- depending on season) Depart for early morning game activity; game drives, walking, boat activities. Cool drinks, coffee and tea served half way through the activity. 10h30 Return to the lodge to relax and refresh or shop as this is when our curio shops are open.

11h00 Buffet brunch is served. Afterwards, your time is free for rest and relaxation, game lodges, time to enjoy around the pool or in the case of some of our lodges, a cultural visit to one of the local villages.

15h30 High tea/coffee, cake & savoury snacks.

16h00 Afternoon game activity with sundowners in a scenic location

19h00 Return to the lodge

20h00 Pre-dinner drinks with hot/cold snacks in the bar followed by an a la carte or table d'hote dinner.

21h00 Drinks/coffee/ liquors around the boma/campfire.

Please note: all times are approximate, depending on the game sightings and seasonality.

The Guides & Staff

All safari guides and lodge staff are local Batswana, recruited from nearby villages. Some of them have 'worked through the ranks' from trainee level right through to fully qualified safari guides, chefs and house-keepers.

Travelling with Children

We recognize that families with children of all ages would like them to experience the wonders of an African safari. Only two properties are specifically suited to children of all ages - Chobe Game Lodge and Chobe Savanna Lodge (both equipped with inter leading rooms).

For safety reasons, all other properties, cannot accept children below the age of 12 years due to the nature of the activities offered, such as mokoro trips and game walks, and because of national park regulations.

Our Responsibilities

All lodges are governed by strict environmental standards and in many cases exceed the basic requirements as far as waste disposal, game management, care of the natural environment goes. The services of fully qualified ecologists are employed to ensure that the lodges are as eco-friendly as possible. In some cases the lodges utilise solar power as far as possible for lighting.

Your Responsibilities

Your safety is our primary concern which is why certain procedures must be followed while staying at these lodges. Very few of the lodges have fences and movement around the lodges in the evenings is restricted, meaning that the guides will escort you to your accommodation after dinner. While on game activities it is essential to listen to the guides who will not only advise you of the wonders of the bush, but the hidden dangers too!

Please follow any instruction that a safari guide may issue. It will involve your safety.

Health Precautions and Vaccinations

Vaccination requirements such as Yellow Fever, change from time to time and we suggest guests consult their local doctor or health department for the latest health precautions. Malaria, including Plasmodium falciparum, exists in certain areas.

All guests must consult with their own MD or the Center for Disease Control regarding the use of anti-malarial tablets, prior to departure from their country of origin. There are many brands available and we recommend that guests consult their doctor, health clinic or health department as to which brand they should take.

Baggage Restrictions

Due to the nature of travel in light aircraft, mainly because of safety and space concerns, baggage is restricted to 12 kgs (26 lbs), per person. This baggage must be soft sided so to allow for it to be packed properly.

Restriction Enforcement:

If you do have extra bags or have suitcases heavier than the specified allowance, we must be advised in advance as soon as the booking is made so we can make arrangements for your baggage to be transferred, or stored, at an extra cost.

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