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One of the largest national parks in Botswana; the Chobe National Park is considered to be one of the best game viewing destinations in Africa. Made up of two famous safari areas; namely the Chobe River and Savute, Chobe is home to possibly the greatest concentration of Elephants on earth and is a must-see destination when planning a trip to Botswana.

The Experience

A truly mind blowing volume and variety of game animals ensures that every game viewing excursion is filled with sensational sightings. Knowledgeable guides spot game as you drive through the reserve, providing interesting pieces of information about the game animals while you stop to watch them. A sunset cruise along the Chobe River is a definite highlight and one every person should experience while on safari.

Aside from fantastic sightings of African wildlife including Lion, Giraffe, Leopard, Elephant and more, Chobe is also a fantastic bird watching destination with numerous species of birds ranging from large birds of prey such as the African Fish Eagle to smaller King Fishers.

Being situated close to the Victoria Falls, a safari package to Chobe also offers visitors the opportunity to visit the falls on a half day or full day excursion.

Accommodation Options

There are a number of different accommodation options available for travellers planning a safari holiday to the Chobe area of Botswana. Depending on your safari package, accommodation may range from classic thatched cottages located along the riverside to luxury hotel resorts or even house boats.


The greatest highlight during a visit to Chobe is the Elephants! Elephants, Elephants everywhere.Home to over 70 000 of these graceful giant mammals, each twist and turn in the road shows signs of Elephants from scattered tree branches to loud trumpeting calls; the Elephants are a constant presence in this African wilderness.

The Chobe River provides a constant source of interest and entertainment from Sunset River Cruises to parking your game viewing vehicles on the river banks and simply sitting back and relaxing, as a multitude of animals wander down to the water to swim and quench their thirst.


Visitors on a safari in the Chobe National Park can enjoy a number of exciting activities ranging from daily guided game drives both in the early morning and late afternoon, to guided walking safaris and even game viewing boat trips on the Chobe River.

Over and above the huge populations of Elephants, Chobe is also home to a wonderful array of other African wildlife from Buffalo, Zebra and numerous species of antelope to large populations of predators; Lion, Cheetah, Leopard and Hyaena, providing endless opportunities for excellent game sightings.

Bird watching is another popular activity while on a wilderness safari in Chobe. With a wide variety of both water, migrant and grass species found within the nature reserve bird watchers will be in their element. Chobe is located close to Victoria Falls and many tour packages incorporate a visit to this African splendour within their itinerary.


Considered the easiest area within Botswana to access on a self-drive, Chobe is located in the northeast of this African country right on the border, and visitors to the reserve can enter through any of the bordering countries; Namibia, Zamibia, Zimbabwe, in normal sedan vehicles.

Visitors are advised that once in the reserve 4X4 vehicles will be needed. The bustling town of Kasane is located just outside of Chobe National Park and visitors can fly into Kasane Airport and then drive themselves into the reserve or take an organised transfer.


Chobe is located within close proximity to a number of international airports including; Victoria Falls International, Livingstone International and Kasane International Airport. From these main airports visitors can arrange for chartered flights directly to their safari lodge or an organised transfer.


Chobe experiences two seasons; a wet season and a dry season. The wet season stretches from November to March and sees regular rainfall that turns the landscape into a lush green sanctuary. The dry season then follows from June through to October with the daily temperatures increasing each month and reaching a maximum of 45°C (113°F) or higher in October.

While Chobe is considered a year round safari destination, the best time to visit the wilderness area is during the peak dry season between June to October when water is scarcer and the large herds of game animals; especially the Elephants all congregate near to banks, providing excellent game watching opportunities.

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