Winging It Across the Delta
A Safari by Air

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A Great Addition to Your Safari

Part of the excitement of visiting these safari lodges, is the getting around! Many of these lodges have their own private airstrips - and for some of them the only way to to get there is by plane.

We offer a fully integrated private air charter service, operated by companies such as Moremi Air and Safari Air, which operates single engined Cessna 172's 206's, 207's, 210's and Grand Caravans, GA8 Airvans and twin engined Britten Norman Islander aircraft.

Aircraft passengers capacities range from 2 to 8 passengers - so you CAN get a plane just for yourselves However, if flying in a light aircraft is not your cup of tea, then we can also provide specially adapted four wheel drive vehicles for transfers to or between those lodges that can be accessed by land.

For the water based lodges in the Delta and the Chobe / Namibia areas, small, fast power-boats are utilised for transfers. In fact the packages offered on this website are the best example of such a service for travel between lodges enabling for you to have a truly unique experience, by air, land and water.

Britten Norman Islander

This is a twin engine plane for 9 passengers. The aircraft was designed in England as a short range commuter aircraft originally to service the fishing and farming communities on the islands off the coasts of Britain and Scotland. Conditions there called for an aircraft that was rugged, had good short take-off and landing abilities, and was safe enough to fly across water.

Conditions in the Okavango / Chobe areas are not much different and the Islander is an ideal plane. While not the most comfortable of aircraft, it has an enviable record for safety, reliability and ruggedness.


The 206, single engine, 5 passenger seats. Designed and built in the U.S.A., the 206 has been the 'Land Rover' of the skies for 40 years. Anywhere in the world that has wild country, from Alaska, through Africa and South America, to the Australian outback, the 206 has been the light plane of choice.

Built tough for rugged conditions, the 206, like the Islander, is safe, reliable and, while not the most comfortable aircraft, has been the backbone of aviation in Botswana for 35 years.

The Gippsland GA8 Airvan, ia a single engine, 6 passenger craft. With a solid history of building successful crop-spraying aircraft, the Gippsland Aeronautics company in Australia decided to take everything good about the 206 and make it better, and thus produced the Airvan.

Purpose designed, with the latest design and manufacturing technology, to move passengers and freight safely and reliably in tough conditions, the Airvan has proved itself more than equal to the task in Australia, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Mozambique and of course, here in Botswana.

We hope you enjoy the comfortable seating arrangement and the large windows, giving you a great view of the Delta.
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