Kwando and Linyanti
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Linyanti is one of Africa's new frontiers in African Safari tourism, with high predator populations and large herds of herbivores.

'I was excited to be going out on a drive but some of the guests were taking their time over morning tea. I was becoming a little fidgety when two impala ran blindly passed the lodge - followed by four wild dogs and so the day of amazing sightings began in the Linyanti'

Once the preserve of trophy hunters this forgotten corner of Botswana is fast becoming one of the country's greatest wildlife destinations. Elephants in numbers to rival the legendary Chobe River and intense predator interactions ensure the Linyanti a place with the best.

The Exclusivity of Private Concessions

The Linyanti is a private concession area outside the national parks - meaning that the numbers of visitors are controlled by the number of lodges in the area - so the experience is far more exclusive than the public areas. As it is a private concession area night drives are possible in the Linyanti

During the dry season wildlife concentrates on the riverfront as the river is the only source of water for miles around. As the area is in the Kalahari, the rain water does not last long in the bush, forcing the animals to seek areas of permanent water - and the Linyanti welcomes these herds en-masse.

Kwando-Linyanti Highlights

  • The Narina Trogon is numerous here
  • Aquatic sitatunga antelopes
  • Magnificent-horned sable antelope
  • Elephant and lion, wild dog and hippo, buffalo and giraffe
  • Wild Dogs usually den in this region from around June to September
  • Intimate luxury lodges, tented and rustic camps with excellent guiding
  • Linyanti River, Savuti Channel and woodlands of the interior
  • Different wetland experience to the Okavango Delta but just as enticing

Best time to visit Kwando - Linyanti: The Kwando - Linyanti area is good to visit all year round for differing reasons. The rainy season - November - March - is excellent for birding when all the migrants are around

The dry season - May to October sees a concentration of wildfire along the water and the game viewing is excellent due to the vegetation been decimated by feeding animals

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