Nxai Pan
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With its seemingly prehistoric scenery, lunar-like landscapes and uniquely desert adapted wildlife to be seen, Nxai Pan offers a vista of what Africa must have been like before the existence of man.

Nxai Pan Highlights

  • Baines' Baobabs in the south of Nxai Pan National Park
  • Springbok and giraffes in large numbers
  • Zebra migration passes through the area
  • Fossil salt pans and historical sites
  • Abundant birdlife in the rainy season with a wide variety of raptors
  • Game drives, bush walks, and cultural tours available

Best time to visit Nxai Pan: November to April is the wet summer season and the time when Nxai Pan is at its best. Game is abundant from December to April but if the rains have been heavy the roads may be difficult to negotiate.

The dry season - May to October - can also be excellent for game viewing as this is the time when the animals concentrate at the few available waterholes in the park.

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