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Once a haven for wildlife during the dry season, the Savuti Channel dried up in 1982 due to tectonic activity at its source and stopped flowing. In an attempt to save the wildlife that occurred there a number of boreholes were sunk to provide water for the animals.

This was very successful and now that the Savuti Channel is flowing again, the Savuti has remained one of Africa's most enduring wilderness areas.

Eternal Enemies

Famous for its predator interaction it was here where the strained relationship between lions and hyenas was first recorded. It is also in Savuti where the first records of lions killing adult elephant were noted.

The Savuti Channel is now flowing again and a whole new order is in place. From the dry and scorching winter months where dust prevailed, the Marsh is now a paradise of water and greenery.

Savute has a reputation in some circles of been a busy and over-used safari destination, but this idea comes from the fact that one of the central points of Savute, Sunset Pan, is close to the campsite and is the starting and ending point for game drives, with many cars passing at those times. The area is vast and there is enough space for everyone to feel unfettered by others.

Savuti Highlights

  • The Savuti Channel has a fascinating history of drying up and flowing for varying lengths of time due to tectonic movement at its source. It is presently in a wet cycle
  • Thousands of zebras migrating into Savute during the rainy season from the northern parts of Botswana
  • Legendary for its lion / hyena interaction it was here in Savuti that the enmity between these two predators was first recorded
  • Gubatsa Hills - dolomite rock outcrops - create a series of extraordinary hills
  • Savuti is renowned for its elephants - especially old bulls that inhabit the region
  • Safari lodges offer luxury in a completely different environment from Chobe or Linyanti
  • Excellent birding

Best time to visit Savuti

Savuti goes through major wet and dry cycles and is presently in what is known as a wet cycle - the Channel is flowing after been dry for 28 years. This is due to earth movements at the Channels source at the Linyanti.

November - December thousands of zebras migrate from the Linyanti and move south through Savuti to the grasslands of the Mababe Depression.

Savute Accommodation

Aside from a public campsite there are four lodges in the Savute to choose from, ranging from classic style to tented luxury.


Savute is located in the corner of the rugged Chobe National Park in Botswana, south of the Chobe River. Savute is another hidden gem of Botswana...more
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