Chobe and Okavango
Discovering Botswana

© Lions on the hunt at Duba Plains
Botswana is Africa's success story! And it is an amazing African safari vacation destination. With a river supporting the continents highest elephant concentrations and another spilling into the desert sands where it forms one of the world's most fascinating ecosystems Botswana is truly unique among African safari countries.

The Okavango River enters Botswana and fans out into myriad channels and lagoons to form the incredible wilderness that is the Okavango Delta - a wilderness of islands, papyrus beds, riverine woodlands and seasonal floodplains.

The annual flood arrives from the highlands of Angola in the dry months, thereby ensuring that wildlife is plentiful year round in the delta - although there is a peak in the dry winter and early summer months from May through to October. The best way to experience the waterways of the delta is in a traditional makoro or dug-out canoe.

Generally considered Africa's most beautiful park, the Moremi Game Reserve in the heart of the Okavango Delta, is a paradise of large islands, plains and woodland and provides a wildlife experience that compares with any on the continent.

During the dry months Africa's highest concentration of elephants occurs along the Chobe and Linyanti rivers in the north of the county. Predators are prolific throughout the wilderness areas of Botswana. In some regions lions have adapted to killing specific prey species such as elephant and hippo.

During the rainy season from November through to April, the birdlife is at its best throughout Botswana. In many parts the game disperses during the rains but there are regions that provide great wildlife viewing throughout the year. Taking a bold step some years back to limit the number of visitors into the wilderness areas the Botswana government set aside vast areas of wilderness as private concessions. This has ensured that your Botswana safari will be intimate and uncrowded.

Botswana offers some of the most beautiful wilderness areas in Africa and coupled with great game viewing and limited numbers of people ensures one of Africa's greatest safari experiences.

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