Great Migration Map for October

Follow the Great Migration during the month of October on an East African safari.

Migration Serengeti, Tanzania

The short rains are starting; the herds are on the move again, but this time heading back down to the south. They are moving through the Western Loliondo and Lobo area, returning to the new green shoots sprouting up after the first batch of rain.

Temperature: 16C to 29C
Rainfall: average 70 mm

Migration Masai Mara, Kenya

The Great Migration is on the move again, this time moving back down south, as the Masai Mara is starting to get hotter. The grassy plains have been denuded and the rain clouds are gathering in the Serengeti.

The predators follow the mighty herds, but only as far as their territories allow them to. The cats and hyenas are loathe to enter one another's territory. Plus the chances are that they have young that they must feed and care for, so can not go too far away.

Temperature: 12C to 28C
Rainfall: 100 mm

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